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Thursday, 12th October 2017
Masters of the Sky
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Masters of the Sky is a five reel, 15-payline virtual slot from the design team at Booming Games. It features free spins and a gamble option, and the symbols and theme are drawn from Slavic mythology.

Booming Games is based on the Isle of Man, and they specialize in making virtual slots for the online gaming crowd. If you want to try one of their games, you’ll need to track down a casino that offers their software. Since they have offices in Greece and the United Kingdom, I’d suggest starting with casinos that specialize in European customers.

Cost of Playing

The Masters of the Sky slot machine has a total of 15 paylines, and the player can choose to activate any number of them. Bet-per-line denominations, meanwhile, include the following: 0.03, 0.05, 0.10, 0.20, 0.50, 0.75, 1.00, 1.50, 2.00, and 3.00.

If a player wants to make the smallest wager possible, then they’ll need to activate a single payline and wager 0.03. This results in a total of 0.03, which should be affordable for even the most cash-strapped of gamblers.

For those with money burning a hole in their pockets, the highest possible bet involves 15 paylines and a 3.00 per-line wager. This commits the player to a 45.00 bet per spin, although true high rollers are likely to scoff at the limitations.

Max Bet

If you want to wager the most possible money per spin, you can do so by pressing the “Max Bet” button on the screen. This automatically places a 45.00 bet on behalf of the player.

Other Booming games determine the max bet by the number of active paylines, but it doesn’t matter in this case. All roads lead to a 45.00 wager, so make sure your bankroll can accommodate that amount before making a commitment.


If you’re tired of clicking the spin button repeatedly, you can sit back and let the computer take over via the autoplay feature. This can be accessed from the main screen, and the player can customize the number of spins (10 to 100), the number of lines (1 to 15), and the bet per line (0.03 to 3.00).

Masters of the Sky Paytable

In this section, we’ll look at the symbols available during the game, as well as their possible payout values. Cash prizes change to reflect the customer’s wager, and the examples below involve a 3.00 bet.

  • Svarog – Usually referred to as the Slavic god of blacksmithing and celestial fire. Pays 10.00 for three matches, 200.00 for four, and 2000.00 for five. Also acts as the game’s wild symbol, substituting for all other icons except the scatter.
  • Perun – A Slavic god of thunder and lightning who was often regarded as the top deity of the pantheon. Pays 15.00 for three matches, 30.00 for four, and 120.00 for five. This icon also serves as the game’s scatter symbol, which means three or more of these on the reels triggers the free spins feature.
  • Veles – This horned male is the god over waters, earth, and the underworld. Pays 1.00 for two matches, 10.00 for three, 40.00 for four, and 100.00 for five.
  • Morana – Sexy-yet-sinister, Morana represents winter, death, witchcraft, and the harvest. Pays 0.80 for two matches, 6.00 for three, 30.00 for four, and 60.00 for five.
  • Vesna – This beautiful blonde is the goddess of spring and love. Pays 0.40 for two matches, 5.00 for three, 20.00 for four, and 30.00 for five.
  • Ace, King, and Jack – Oddly enough, the Queen is included in the lowest symbols instead of alongside the ace and king. Pays 1.00 for three matches, 3.00 for four, and 14.00 for five.
  • Queen and Ten – The least lucrative symbols in the game. Pays 0.60 for three matches, 2.00 for four, and 8.00 for five.

Gamble Option

If you hit a winning payline, you can try to increase your payment by taking advantage of the “Gamble” option. The player attempts to predict the weather by selecting a sunny or stormy icon, and then the game randomly chooses one of these. If the player guesses correctly, their most recent win is doubled. Otherwise, they lose their funds and are taken back to the main game.

When a player picks the correct symbol, they can try their luck again. This can be done a maximum of 10 times, or until the player’s current winnings rise to 10000.00.

Free Games

If three or more scatter symbols appear on the reels, the player is awarded 10 free games. Before these start, however, the player must first designate which icon will be “expanding” during the bonus round. This is determined by a random draw, and all symbols are a possibility (with the exception of the wild and scatter).

When the free spins occur, regular wins are counted as normal. If the expanding symbol appears three or more times, it will grow vertically over the entire reel.


The Masters of the Sky slot machine is a decent option for low rollers, especially those who have a passion for Slavic mythology. While the latter might not appeal much to players in the United States, gamblers throughout Eastern Europe should be familiar with the myths and legends behind the various deities.

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