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Christmas only comes once every December, but the joyful memories from the holiday season can last throughout the year. Now, thanks to the Merry Spinning slot game from Booming Games, gamblers have a chance to experience Yuletide pleasures whenever they want. This is a five-reel game with 25 paylines, a gamble feature, wild reel, and free spins bonus round.

If you’re unfamiliar with Merry Spinning or the other titles from Booming Games, this review is meant to serve as an introduction. We’ll examine the most important facets of the slot, allowing you to dive right in without a great deal of preparation.

Where It’s Available

Booming Games is in the business of making online slots, so you’ll only be able to locate this game at online casinos carrying the company’s titles. You may have to search around for a while to find one, as Booming still has a long way to go before they’re as commonplace as designers such as Bally.

How Much Does It Cost?

This slot has 25 paylines, and the player has the freedom to activate as few or many as they please. Meanwhile, the per-line denomination ranges from 0.03 to 3.00 for real-money slot players.

If you want to spin the reels for the least amount of money possible, you can activate a single line and wager only 0.03. This tiny amount should accommodate any bankroll, although the prizes at that level aren’t going to be especially noteworthy.

For those who prefer to take risks, the largest possible wager can be achieved by activating all 25 paylines and risking 3.00 per line. This results in a total bet of 75.00, which should be more than sufficient for players with a low to medium bankroll.

Merry Spinning Pay Table

This is the heart of the slot machine, as it indicates the payout of each winning line. These change based on the player’s wager, and for the following I’ve used the maximum bet of 75.00 (3.00 per line).

  • Christmas Tree – The modern version of the Christmas tree first appeared in Germany, and it’s been growing in popularity ever since the 19th This symbol acts as the wild, allowing it to substitute for all other icons except the scatter. Pays 30.00 for two matches, 120.00 for three, 750.00 for four, and 6000.00 for five.
  • Rudolph – The most popular of the reindeer, Rudolph has a red nose that provides illumination during Santa’s yearly flight across the globe. Pays 30.00 for three matches, 75.00 for four, and 375.00 for five.
  • Mistletoe – According to custom, lovers should kiss whenever they find themselves standing beneath this parasitic plant. This tradition has been around since at least the late 18th Pays 45.00 for three matches, 150.00 for four, and 600.00 for five.
  • Wrapped Gift – One of the great pleasures of Christmas is giving and receiving wrapped presents such as this one. Pays 45.00 for three matches, 150.00 for four, and 600.00 for five.
  • Carolers – In some parts of the world, carolers go from house to house during the holiday season and sing a number of Christmas-themed songs. Pays 9.00 for three matches, 60.00 for four, and 150.00 for five.
  • Elf – These pointy-eared creatures are said to live at the North Pole and help Santa build all the toys that must be delivered each Christmas. Pays 6.00 for three matches, 45.00 for four, and 225.00 for five.
  • Stocking with Toys – Usually hung over a mantle, these stockings are often filled with toys after Santa completes his visit. Pays 9.00 for three matches, 60.00 for four, and 150.00 for five.
  • Santa Claus – The legendary bringer of toys to all the good children of the world. His current representation has been popular since the 19th This symbol serves as the game’s scatter, and getting three or more on the reels triggers the free spins. Pays 750.00 for three matches, 3750.00 for four, and 7500.00 for five.
  • Claus – Santa’s devoted wife, she helps keep the North Pole running efficiently. Pays 6.00 for three matches, 45.00 for four, and 225.00 for five.
  • Gingerbread Man – The practice of making gingerbread biscuits or cookies in the shape of a man dates back to the 15th Pays 30.00 for three matches, 75.00 for four, and 375.00 for five.
  • Snowman – According to researchers, people have been making snowman sculptures as far back as the 14th Pays 9.00 for two matches, 105.00 for three, 600.00 for four, and 1650.00 for five.

Wild Reel

The fourth reel on the base game is known as the “Wild Reel,” because the icons displayed there are almost always wild. The only exception is the appearance of the scatter symbol, although you won’t find more than one of these at a time.

I love this feature, and it’s something I’d never encountered until I started playing the titles from Booming Games. Not all of their games include the wild reels, but there are enough to keep curious players continually coming back for more.

Free Spin Bonus

This feature can be activated by getting three or more Santa scatter icons on the reels. When this transpires, the player is given 10 free games. If a trio of scatter icons appear on the bonus reels, then an additional 10 games are added to the player’s total.

Gamble Feature

When you win, you can choose the gamble option to try and double your money. In order to do so, you’ll need to select a toy car or doll. The game then randomly chooses one of these objects, and you’ll double your recent win if you picked the correct option. If not, you’ll be sent back to the base reels without your latest prize.

The player has the option of gambling up to 10 times in a row, although the odds of getting that many correct picks is daunting. Also, if the player’s winnings ever reach 10,000.00, they’ll be returned to the main game.


Merry Spinning is a fun and festive slot machine, and I recommend it for players with a low to medium bankroll. The symbols should get you in the mood for the holidays, and the unique wild reel and gamble feature should feel like an early Christmas present from your pals at Booming Games.

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