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Late at night, when you’re sawing logs and counting sheep, monsters creep into your kitchen and have themselves a grand ‘ol time. I realize this sounds rather ridiculous, but that’s the premise of Monster Munchies, a 5-reel, 25-payline slot machine from the folks at Booming Games.

For those who’ve yet to encounter this title, I’ve decided to write up a review to discuss all the necessary information. Once you’ve finished reading, you’ll be able to start playing for free without doing a lot of additional preparation.

Theme and Appearance

“Colorful” is the word that best describes this game, as it’s filled with monsters in hues of red, blue, green, orange, and purple. The theme of the slot seems to focus on monsters with a sweet tooth, and the reel decoration reflects this with a stovetop and cutting board.

The music is catchier than a lot of games I’ve encountered, but it does become repetitive after a while. Still, name a slot machine where the tunes are just as fresh after hundreds of spins.

Overall, Monster Munchies is a good-looking game with more than enough visual variety to keep the attention of the player. While children can’t legally gamble, this one would be a favorite of youngsters if the laws ever changed.

Monster Munchies Pay Table

The pay table is always one of the most important parts of a slot machine, as it acts as a roadmap for what you can expect to encounter along the way. The most vital element is the value of winning paylines, which is what I’ll be focusing on in this section.

The payouts change depending on the player’s wager. In the following example, we’re using the maximum possible bet of 50.00 (2.00 per line for 25 lines).

  • Ten and Nine – Indicated by Gummy Bears with chains around their necks, these icons pay 4.00 for three matches, 10.00 for four, and 20.00 for five.
  • Jack, Queen, and King – Each of these Gummy Bears wears a unique hat that indicates their rank. Each pays 4.00 for two matches, 10.00 for three, 20.00 for four, and 50.00 for five.
  • Orange Monster Eating Cookie – Pays 4.00 for three matches, 10.00 for four, 20.00 for five, 50.00 for six, 100.00 for seven, 200.00 for eight, 300.00 for nine, and 500.00 for ten.
  • Purple Monster with Tusks – Pays 6.00 for three, 16.00 for four, 30.00 for five, 60.00 for six, 160.00 for seven, 300.00 for eight, 400.00 for nine, and 600.00 for ten.
  • Blue Monster Drinking Milkshake – Pays 10.00 for three matches, 20.00 for four, 50.00 for five, 100.00 for six, 200.00 for seven, 400.00 for eight, 700.00 for nine, and 1000.00 for ten.
  • Free Spins – This is the scatter symbol, so getting three or more activates the free spin feature. Pays 500.00 for three matches, 2500.00 for four, and 5000.00 for five.
  • Wild – This green slime icon substitutes for all symbols except the scatter. Pays 10.00 for two matches, 100.00 for three, 1000.00 for four, and 10,000.00 for five.


Booming Games specializes in developing online slots, so you won’t find this title at brick-and-mortar casinos. Instead, you’ll need to seek out virtual casinos that carry the company’s products, although this can be challenging given their relatively small size. It’s unclear whether they offer multiple platforms for their games, so this could be an impediment for those who gamble on a smartphone or iPad.

The Cost of Playing

Monster Munchies is a 25-payline game, although the player isn’t forced to wager on all lines at the same time. Just a single line can be selected, although the payouts at the lower levels aren’t much to speak of.

The bets per line come in the following denominations: 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.20, 0.50, 1.00, and 2.00. The player can change this amount between each spin, or they can keep clicking on the spin button to play the game at the same amount as before. If you want to make the maximum possible bet, just click on the “Bet Max” icon on the main screen.

For those on a serious budget, the game can be played for as little as 0.01. If you have an adventuresome streak, the maximum bet works out to 50.00. This makes the game a solid option for low to medium level players, although true high rollers are likely to go elsewhere to get their fix.

Double Symbols

Double symbols have twice the value of the single symbols they represent. These icons can form winning lines with other doubles, but they are also compatible with single symbols. If, for example, you had a winning line with five doubles, then the payout would be the equivalent of 10 matching singles.

Free Spins

If three or more scatter symbols appear, then the player is awarded 10 free spins and sent to the bonus round. Additional free games can be earned in the same way, and the resulting spins are added to the player’s total. Once the number of complimentary games has been exhausted, the player is returned to the base game.


The Monster Munchies slot machine from Booming Games delivers a lot of whimsical fun to the player. Whether you like money, colorful creatures, or cookies, you’re sure to find something here to enjoy.

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