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Irish drinking establishments are a great source of community, fun, and various alcoholic beverages. The Paddy’s Pub slot machine from Booming Games depicts such a business, along with various items and individuals that are likely to be found within (as well as a few fantastical elements).

Unlike most virtual slots, this game only has three reels to go along with its five paylines. Fortunately, it also includes a free spins bonus and a rotator special to keep things interesting.

Rotator Special

If a special symbol (pot of gold) appears anywhere on the screen, this triggers the rotator feature. After the regular payline winnings are counted, the screen rotates clockwise at 90 degrees, which results in new paylines and winnings.

When more than one special symbol appears on the reels, the screen rotates an equivalent number of times. Special and scatter symbols only count once before the rotations begin, and not each time afterwards. During rotations, the special symbols function as a wild.

Free Spins Round

If the player lands three or more scatter symbols on the reels, they’ll receive 10 free spins and be taken to the bonus reels. Additional spins can be re-triggered in the same fashion, and the round ends when the remaining number of free games is reduced to zero.

Pay Table for Paddy’s Pub

In order to determine the value of each symbol, the gambler needs to consult the pay table. Luckily, this comes included with all slots, whether virtual or land-based.

The pay table for Paddy’s Pub doesn’t remain static. Instead, it changes to reflect the size of the bet made by the player. In the following examples, I’ve wagered 1.00 per line, for a total bet of 5.00.

  • Fiddle – This musical instrument is vital if you’re looking to play some old fashioned Irish dancing music. When three of these symbols turn up on the reels, the player receives a payout of 3.00.
  • Celtic Cross – This form of the Christian cross appeared during the Middle Ages, and it remains a well-known symbol in Ireland and abroad. Pays 5.00 for a combination of three symbols.
  • Bottle of Whiskey – Irish whiskey is the fastest growing spirit in the world in terms of sales, and this icon represents the beverage that contains anywhere from 40% to 94.8% alcohol. Pays 8.00 for a combination of three symbols.
  • Legs of Dancing Girl – Dancing is a common activity in Irish pubs, especially after female patrons get a few drinks in them. I can only suppose that her legs are green in order to support the game’s theme. Pays 10.00 for a combination of three symbols.
  • Molly Malone Statue – The song known as “Molly Malone” is the unofficial anthem of Dublin, and the statue of the title female is located in the city’s upscale Grafton Street. Pays 15.00 for a combination of three symbols.
  • Leprechaun – While some see the leprechaun as a derogatory caricature of the Irish, others view it simply as a fairy creature that must grant three wishes to anyone who captures it. Pays 30.00 for a combination of three symbols.
  • Irish Lass with Painted Face – People from Ireland love to display national pride, and this pub-crawling beauty does so by painting her face in hues of orange, white, and green. Pays 40.00 for a combination of three symbols.
  • Shamrock – This symbol of Ireland is also used occasionally to represent the Christian Holy Trinity. Pays 100.00 for a combination of three symbols. This also acts as the game’s wild symbol, substituting for all other icons except the scatter.
  • Pot of Gold – If you’re lucky enough to discover the end of a rainbow, legend says that you should find a pot of gold waiting on you. Pays 5.00 for one symbol, 10.00 for two, and 15.00 for three. If one or more of these special symbols turn up on the reels, the rotator feature is triggered.
  • Green Beer – When an Irish pub really wants to celebrate its heritage, they place dye in the beer to turn it (and the patron’s tongue) green. Pays 25.00 for a combination of three symbols. This is the game’s scatter symbol, so it can turn up anywhere on the reels and still award a payout. Also, three or more of these icons activate the free spin bonus.

Where to Find the Slot

Booming Games is in the business of making virtual slots, so anyone searching for Paddy’s Pub must first fire up their Internet connection. The company hasn’t been around as long as some of the industry giants like Bally, so it may take a bit of searching to locate an Internet casino that carries their products. Still, it should be well worth the effort.

How Much Does It Cost?

Paddy’s Pub is a slot with five paylines, and all of them must be active during a spin. The available denominations include 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.20, 0.50, 1.00, 2.00, 5.00, 10.00, and 20.00.

If you want to spend the least amount of money possible, a wager of 0.01 will only set you back 0.05 per spin. This makes the game a wise choice for those who wish to play for hours without substantially eating into their bankroll.

High rollers can also enjoy the game, as the top wager of 20.00 per line results in a maximum bet of 100.00. Between the two extremes, Paddy’s Pub proves a versatile slot that’s capable of satisfying almost any level of player.


The Paddy’s Pub slot machine is a novel option for those who love pubs and Irish culture. The presence of only three reels is something of a letdown, although the range of betting options makes it suitable for players of all financial levels. I’m also fond of the rotator feature, as it seems to come up fairly often.

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