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According to the 4-reel, 16-payline Revolution slot from Booming Games, humanity is in dire peril of being supplanted by an army of glowing-eyed super apes. If this wild theme isn’t enough to grab your attention, the game also includes a free spin bonus and special rotator feature.

Each of the game’s 16 paylines must be active, so this takes away some of the flexibility provided by other games from Booming. The cheapest bet-per-line is 0.03, which results in a wager of 0.48. For those who want to risk the maximum amount, the 3.00 per-line limit equals a total bet of 48.00. Other denominations include 0.05, 0.10, 0.20, 0.50, 0.75, 1.00, 1.50, 2.00, and 3.00.

Revolution Paytable

While some paytables simply provide a static multiplier for each winning combination, Revolution uses a dynamic model that changes to reflect the player’s wager. For the examples below, I used a bet of 0.10 per line, which amounted to a total wager of 1.60.

  • Super Fetus and Graffiti – The first of these icons is a super-ape fetus, and the camera zooms in dramatically to show its glowing eyes staring back at the player. The second is yellow graffiti on a brick wall, and the animated version shows someone writing the words “They’re here” underneath the image of an ape. Both of these pay 0.50 for three matches and 1.50 for four.
  • Uzi Gorilla – This gorilla with glowing eyes is dressed in a suit, smoking a cigar, and wielding a pair of Uzi machine guns. When the reel animates, he raises his weapons and fires a number of rounds in the direction of the player. Damned dirty ape! Pays 1.00 for three matches and 4.00 for four.
  • Shotgun Chimp and Human Captive – The first icon is a well-dressed chimp holding a shotgun, and the animated version shows him firing some buckshot straight at the viewer. The second icon involves a captured human female, and the animation shows her struggling against her bonds in an effort to escape. Pays 2.00 for three matches and 7.50 for four.
  • Skull Ashtray – This symbol depicts an ashtray made from a human skull, and the animated portion shows a cigar being extinguished inside. Pays 0.20 for two matches, 3.00 for three, and 15.00 for four.
  • Pistol Chimp – This symbol shows another irate chimp with revolution on his mind, but this time he’s wielding a single pistol. When the icon is on a winning payline, it animates to show the ape putting a round into the gun’s chamber. Pays 0.30 for two matches, 4.00 for three, and 20.00 for four.
  • Chemical Vat – If you want to create an army of super apes, you’re going to need plenty of glowing yellow chemicals. Pays 4.80 for three matches and 16.00 for four. This is the game’s scatter symbol, which allows it to trigger the free spin round.
  • Exploding Building – This is obviously supposed to be the White House, but it’s been altered just enough to avoid any possible controversy. When it animates, the symbol shows the building being blown to smithereens. Pays 1.60 for two matches, 3.20 for three, and 9.60 for four. This is also the game’s “special” symbol, and getting two or more of these on the reels activates the rotator feature.
  • Newspaper Headline – The headline of this newspaper that’s been discarded on the street reads “Super-Ape Takeover!” During the animation, the paper is drenched in blood before being stepped on by an ape wearing combat boots and camouflage pants. Pays 0.50 for two matches, 10.00 for three, and 500.00 for four. This is also the game’s wild symbol, which allows it to substitute for any icon except the special or scatter.


When two or more special symbols (exploding building) appear on the reels, the rotator feature is triggered. For two symbols, the board rotates clockwise once for 90 degrees, while three trigger a pair of rotations. If four symbols show up, then the board turns three times. Scatter and special symbols only count once before the rotations, and afterwards the special icon acts as a wild for the rest of the feature.

Free Spins Bonus

In order to take advantage of the free spins, you’ll need to get three or more scatter symbols on the reels. This results in the player being awarded 10 free spins, and another 10 can be added whenever you achieve the same symbols during the bonus games. Once all complimentary spins have been exhausted, the player is returned to the base reels.

Where to Play the Game

Revolution was created by Booming Games, a company that deals exclusively with online slot machines. Therefore, anyone who wants to try their luck at this inventive title needs to start their search on the Internet. I suggest looking at casinos that specialize in European players, as many of the themes from Booming seem to cater to gamblers from that part of the world.


The Revolution slot from Booming Games has a unique theme, and the 15,000.00 base jackpot is nothing to sneer at. I would’ve preferred to see more than just a free spins bonus, but that’s in keeping with the company’s simplistic approach to game design. Even so, the rotator feature serves to keep things interesting, and it turns up quite often on the base game.

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