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Sushi Cuties Slots

Sushi is often described as “healthy” or “delicious,” but it’s rare to hear it referred to as “cute.” Don’t tell this to the designers at Booming Games, though, as their unique take on Japanese cuisine has led to the adorable Sushi Cuties slot machine.

This free slot game has seven reels and 30 paylines, and players can also look forward to a wild reel, 2-Way Pay, and free spins. Whether you enjoy raw fish or just profitable slots, the subject of this article should have what you’re looking for.

Size of Available Bets

Sushi Cuties has a total of 30 paylines, and the player can choose to activate any of the following: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30. As for the denomination per line, options include 0.03, 0.05, 0.10, 0.20, 0.50, 0.75, 1.00, 1.50, 2.00, and 3.00.

If you’re on a budget and looking to play the game for real-money as long as possible, the cheapest option would be to wager 0.03 on just 5 active lines. This would result in the minimum bet of 0.15 per spin.

Players who are more inclined to take risks can activate all 30 lines and wager up to 3.00. This would result in a bet of 90.00, which should satisfy the majority of virtual high rollers.

Pay Table for Sushi Cuties

The slot machine pay table is a valuable tool, as it provides the player with something akin to a virtual roadmap of the game in front of them. Each symbol is discussed, from wilds and scatters to more mundane icons. Bonus features are also listed, and the player is brought up to speed on the requirements for their activation.

While some pay tables provide a multiplier and leave it up to the player to do the math, the products from Booming Games always show the exact sum that can be won. Of course, this amount changes based on the player’s wager.

In the following examples, the values were determined by risking 0.10 per line on all 30 lines (for a total of 3.00 per spin).

  • Bowl of Soup – Pays 1.00 for five matches, 2.50 for six, and 5.00 for seven.
  • Soy Sauce Container – Pays 0.40 for four matches, 4.00 for five, 8.00 for six, and 20.00 for seven.
  • White Sushi – Pays 0.50 for four matches, 5.00 for five, 10.00 for six, and 50.00 for seven.
  • Sushi with Shrimp – Pays 1.00 for four matches, 10.00 for five, 50.00 for six, and 100.00 for seven.
  • Black Sushi – Pays 3.00 for four matches, 6.00 for five, 30.00 for six, and 45.00 for seven. This is also the scatter symbol, so getting five or more of these on the reels triggers the free spin bonus.
  • Rice with Face of Cat – This odd symbol pays 2.00 for five matches, 5.00 for six, and 10.00 for seven. This is the game’s special symbol, so getting four or more of these triggers the 2-Way Pay.
  • Dab of Wasabi – Pays 25.00 for four, 50.00 for five, 100.00 for six, and 1000.00 for seven. This is the game’s wild icon, so it substitutes for all symbols except the special and scatter.

2-Way Pay System on Sushi Cuties Slot

This feature is activated when four or more special symbols turn up on the reels. When this occurs, winning paylines are counted left to right and right to left for the next 10 spins, which effectively doubles their value. This feature can also be re-triggered, which results in an additional 10 spins.

If five or more scatters show up during this feature, then the player gets 10 free spins. When this occurs, the 2-Way Pay is put on hold until the free games have been resolved.

During the 2-Way Pay feature, the player has the option of decreasing the size of their bet or number of active lines by accessing the settings. Once the amount has been decreased, however, it can’t be raised again until all spins have been depleted.

Wild Reel

The fourth reel of Sushi Cuties is wild, which means the entire reel almost always displays wild icons. The only exception is the scatter, which also turns up there from time to time.

Free Spins

This feature is activated if the player gets five or more scatter symbols on the reels. When this occurs, the player is awarded 10 free spins. If five or more scatters turn up during the bonus phase, the feature re-triggers and awards the player an additional 10 spins.


While the theme of Sushi Cuties casino game may not be for everyone, the range of betting options, generous payouts, and multiple bonus options should continue to draw gamblers to virtual casinos powered by Booming Games. The top bet of 90.00 should satisfy most high rollers, and those on a strict budget can still enjoy some cheap entertainment thanks to a minimum wager of 0.15.

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