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Sweet Emojis Slots

Emojis are small images used to express an idea or emotion during texts or Internet communication. The most well-known example is the smiley face, while inventive and increasingly bizarre icons are released all the time. Sweet Emojis, a 5-reel, 16-payline real-money slot machine from Booming Games, celebrates these tiny icons with free spins, multiplying paylines, 4-Way pays, and a rotator feature.

How Much Does It Cost?

If you want to give the Sweet Emojis slot machine a try, it’s first important to note that all 16 paylines must be active for a spin. The denomination per line options include the following: 0.03, 0.05, 0.10, 0.20, 0.50, 0.75, 1.00, 1.50, 2.00, and 3.00.

For those who want to be as frugal as possible, the best option is to wager the minimum of 0.03 per line. This results in a bet of 0.48 per spin, which should be more than agreeable for any size bankroll.

High rollers, meanwhile, can risk up to 3.00 per line, so the largest possible option is 48.00. While this may satisfy some, I imagine most big spenders are likely to look elsewhere for a game with larger betting options.

Sweet Emojis Pay Table

No matter what your level of experience as a gambler, it’s in your best interest to examine a slot machine’s pay table when trying a game for the first time. In addition to all the symbols and winning combo values, you’ll be able to pick up detailed information about bonus features and basic game controls.

The pay table for Sweet Emojis is dynamic, which means it changes to reflect the wager of the player. It also shows the exact prize amount, which I prefer to the multiplier provided by many slot machine designers (as there’s less math involved).

For the examples below, I wagered 0.10 per line. This resulted in a total bet of 1.60, although the player has the option of risking more or less based on their bankroll and current mood.

  • Poo Emoji – Pays 0.20 for three matches and 0.80 for four.
  • Alien Emoji – Pays 0.30 for three matches and 1.20 for four.
  • Ghost Emoji – Pays 0.80 for three matches and 5.00 for four.
  • Cowboy Emoji – Pays 1.20 for three matches and 7.50 for four.
  • Clown Emoji – Pays 2.00 for three matches and 15.00 for four.
  • Pirate Emoji – Pays 6.40 for three matches and 16.00 for four. This is the game’s scatter symbol, so three or more of these activate the free spins bonus.
  • Strange Face Emoji – I’m not sure what emotion this symbol is meant to convey, as it has a squiggly line for a mouth. Whatever the case, it pays 1.60 for two matches, 3.20 for three, and 8.00 for four. When two or more of these special icons appear on the reels, the rotator feature is activated.
  • Jester Emoji – Pays 50.00 for three matches and 1000.00 for four. This is the game’s wild symbol, and it can substitute for all other icons with the exception of the special and scatter.

Free Spins Bonus

When the player gets three or more scatter symbols on the reels, the free games feature is activated. This awards the player 10 complimentary games, and they’re immediately transported to another set of reels to begin their bonus.

The free slot feature can be re-triggered. In order to do so, the player must get another scatter combo while the free spins are being executed. This results in 10 more complimentary games, and it can occur on multiple occasions.


When two or more special symbols appear on the reels, the rotator feature is triggered. After all normal winning paylines have been calculated, the reels rotate 90 degrees to create a new collection of lines. Additional wins are then calculated based on the new alignment of symbols.

  • 2 Special Symbols = 1 rotation
  • 3 Special Symbols = 2 rotations
  • 4+ Special Symbols = 3 rotations

The scatter and special symbols only award their regular bonuses once before the rotator is triggered. After a rotation, the special icon serves as a wild.

Perma 4-Way Pay

This feature is always active on the reels, and it allows payouts from identical matching symbols beginning at any of the four sides of the reels.

  • Lines 1 to 4 = Pay left to right
  • Lines 5 to 8 = Pay right to left
  • Lines 9 to 12 = Pay from top to bottom
  • Lines 13 to 16 = Pay from bottom to top

Only the highest win on an active line can be paid.

Multiplying Paylines

When you hit a winning payline, it’s important to note that you may win more than just the usual payout for a combo. Different lines of the game are associated with a multiplier, and this allows the payout to be multiplied by the corresponding amount.

  • Lines 1 through 4 = x1
  • Lines 5 through 8 = x2
  • Lines 9 through 12 = x3
  • Lines 13 through 16 = x4

While the vertical paylines don’t come up on the reels as often, they’re a great way to instantly increase your winnings. For example, four clown emojis would normally pay 450.00 for the top wager of 48.00, but this would be increased to 1800.00 if they appeared on lines 13 through 16.


Younger players should get the biggest kick out of the Sweet Emojis slot machine, although gamblers of any age are likely to enjoy the generous payouts and inventive bonus features. If you’re looking for some new games to try, I suggest placing this one on your short list.

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