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The Trick or Spin slot machine from Booming Games has 15 paylines, a free spins bonus, and a gamble option. The theme is set around the custom of begging for candy during Halloween, but it’s also loaded down with monster symbols such as Frankenstein and Dracula.

If you’re new to the Trick or Spin slot machine, your first stop should be the game’s virtual paytable. This is a list of all the symbols the machine has to offer, as well as payline configurations and details about bonus rounds. Reading this information might not increase your chances of winning, but at least you’ll understand what’s going on every step of the way.

Booming Games uses a dynamic paytable, which means the displayed winnings are based on the customer’s wager. In the examples below, I’ve activated all 15 lines and wagered 0.50 on each (for a total of 7.50 per spin).

  • Spider – This cartoonish character isn’t like most spiders, as he has a couple of rows of pointy teeth. He pays 1.00 for three matches, 2.50 for four, and 5.00 for five.
  • Necronomicon – This is perhaps the most evil book in existence, as evidenced by the horrifying mouth on the front cover. Pays 2.50 for three matches, 5.00 for four, and 7.50 for five.
  • Trick or Treater – This cute kid is dressed like a pirate for Halloween and looks ready to collect as much candy as possible. Pays 3.50 for three matches, 7.50 for four, and 12.50 for five.
  • Dracula – The lord of all vampires, Count Dracula pays 5.00 for three matches, 10.00 for four, and 25.00 for five.
  • Frankenstein – This misunderstood monster pays 7.50 for three matches, 12.50 for four, and 37.50 for five.
  • Witch – This sorceress rides high above the clouds on her broom and pays 12.50 for three matches, 25.00 for four, and 100.00 for five.
  • Grim Reaper – The personification of death, this menacing figure pays 17.50 for three matches, 35.00 for four, and 625.00 for five.
  • Jack O’Lantern – This menacing pumpkin pays 37.50 for three matches, 75.00 for four, and 187.50 for five. This is the game’s scatter icon, so wins can be generated without adhering to any specific pattern. When three or more of these symbols appear on the reels, the free spins bonus is activated.
  • Black Cat – Often used as a familiar for witches, this unlucky critter pays 25.00 for three matches, 100.00 for four, and 3125.00 for five. This is also the game’s wild symbol, so it substitutes for all icons with the exception of the scatter.

Cost Per Spin

Trick or Spin has 15 paylines, and the player has the option of activating any number of them. Available denominations include 0.03, 0.05, 0.10, 0.20, 0.50, 0.75, 1.00, 1.50, 2.00, and 3.00.

By activating a single payline and risking just 0.03, the player can wager the minimum amount per spin. This is ideal for those with a tiny bankroll or those wanting to make their session last as long as possible.

If all 15 lines are active, and the player risks the maximum denomination of 3.00, then this results in the largest possible bet of 45.00. This should be fine for players with a low to intermediate bankroll, but high rollers may find it too conservative for their tastes.

Gamble Feature

When the player is fortunate enough to get a winning payline, they’ll have the option of trying to double their money by selecting the gamble option. This presents the player with images of both a spider and piece of candy, and they must select one of them.

Once the choice is made, a gaping maw on the opposite side of the screen randomly displays each of the images. It eventually chooses one, and the player wins if they correctly predicted the outcome. Otherwise, they lose their latest winnings and are returned to the base game.

This option can be selected up to 10 consecutive times, or until the player’s current winnings reach 10,000.00. At any point, however, an incorrect guess results in the forfeiture of all recent cash.

Free Spins and Level Multiplier

If three or more scatter symbols appear on the reels, the player receives 10 free spins. These are executed immediately, and additional bonus spins can be gained in the same fashion during the feature.

When the player begins this feature, they’re considered to be on Level One. At this point, all winnings pay at even money.

If the player gets more scatter symbols and earns an additional 10 free spins, then they move to Level Two. At this stage, all winnings are doubled (although the remaining Level One spins are completed first).

Level Three can also be achieved in the same fashion. At this point, all winnings are tripled.


For those with a low to intermediate bankroll, the Trick or Spin slot machine provides a solid gaming experience with a top base payout of 18,750.00. I always prefer to see as many bonus rounds as possible, but the level multiplier feature is certainly better than nothing. Just make sure to keep some candy on hand, as the trick or treat theme is sure to tempt your sweet tooth at some point.

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