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Booming Games Walk of Fame

The Walk of Fame slot machine is based on the more than 2,600 stars that are embedded in the sidewalks along Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street in Hollywood, California. These public monuments recognize contributions within the entertainment industry, and they’ve been drawing tourists since their debut in the late 1950s. While the Booming Games release doesn’t attract throngs of onlookers, it does offer free spins, a gamble option, wild reel, and several symbols based on the most iconic performers in the history of Tinseltown.

Cost to Play

The player can activate from one to 15 lines, and the following denominations are available: 0.03, 0.05, 0.10, 0.20, 0.50, 0.75, 1.00, 1.50, 2.00, and 3.00. The smallest possible bet is 0.03 (with just one active line), while the largest is 45.00.

Wild Reel

I’m a big fan of the wild reel, as it’s always active and offers nothing by wilds on the fourth reel. The only exception is the scatter, which may turn up there from time to time (although no more than once per spin). I’m certain other facets of the game are designed to compensate for its presence, but it’s still an exciting feature to work with as a player.

Walk of Fame Pay Table

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a slot machine without a pay table, and there’s a good reason for that. This is the section of the game where all the symbols are described, as well as their values when part of a winning payline.

Booming Games uses a dynamic pay table, which results in the prize value changing to reflect the player’s wager. In the examples below, I risked 0.20 on each of the 15 lines, for a total wager of 3.00 per spin.

  • Jack, Queen, King, and Ace – I’ll give Booming Games credit for generally staying away from these filler icons, but they do manage to make an appearance in this title. When part of a winning line, they pay 0.40 for three matches, 1.00 for four, and 2.00 for five.
  • Nine – I’m a little puzzled as to why the number nine is more valuable than other higher ranked playing card icons. Whatever the case, it pays 0.60 for three matches, 1.40 for four, and 2.40 for five.
  • Marilyn Monroe Silhouette – The most famous female movie star in the history of Hollywood, Marilyn pays 0.80 for two matches, 3.00 for three, 7.00 for four, and 28.00 for five.
  • Clint Eastwood Silhouette – Eastwood is a prolific actor and director, and this symbol shows him dressed as his “Man with No Name” character. Pays 1.20 for two matches, 4.00 for three, 10.00 for four, and 50.00 for five.
  • Charlie Chaplin Silhouette – Chaplin was one of the biggest stars during the early days of cinema, and this icon shows him dressed as his “Little Tramp” character. Pays 1.00 for two matches, 5.00 for three, 20.00 for four, and 100.00 for five.
  • Walk of Fame Star – If you’re especially successful in the field of radio, television, theatre, or film, you might be recognized with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. This symbol pays 2.00 for three matches, 30.00 for four, and 1000.00 for five. This is the game’s wild icon, so it substitutes for all symbols except the scatter.
  • Academy Award Statuette – For anyone in the world of filmmaking, this golden statuette is the ultimate prize. Also known as “Oscar,” it pays 15.00 for three matches, 60.00 for four, and 300.00 for five. This is the scatter symbol, so it can provide a win regardless of its placement on the reels. When three or more show up, the free spins round is triggered.

Free Spins

If three or more scatter symbols appear on the reels during an individual spin, the player receives 10 complimentary games and unlocks the free spins bonus. These extra games are executed immediately, and the player can earn additional spins by satisfying the same requirements used to trigger the round.

Unfortunately, there are no special features or payouts that accompany the bonus. While this is something of a disappointment, I’d rather have a bland option than nothing at all.

Gamble Option

When the player gets a winning combination, they can either collect their money or attempt to double it with the gamble option. If they choose the latter, they’ll need to predict whether a red or blue Walk of Fame star is going to appear. A correct guess results in the player’s money being doubled, while an incorrect guess leads to the loss of all current winnings.

Especially lucky gamblers can choose this option up to 10 times in a row, or until their winnings reach the maximum allowable amount of 10,000.00. I’m usually not brave enough to try it, but I know plenty of players who would eagerly take the risk.


The Walk of Fame slot machine is nothing to get excited about, although the top payout of 15,000.00 is more than respectable. There’s a noticeable lack of bonus action, although the wild reel somewhat makes up for this deficiency. It’s certainly worth a look, although I doubt it’ll wind up among the all-time favorites of many gamblers (unless, of course, they hit the jackpot).





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