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This traditional 3-reel slot from MicroGaming strips slot gaming back to the bare essentials. You’ll find bars and 7’s on the reels, and not much else. Nominally, the theme is aquatic. Underneath the reels (which are in the top left corner of your screen), you’ll see an underwater themes logo. Here, a giant red 7 sits with clownfish and a chest full of treasure.

While there is no sign of those fish on the reels, you will have plenty of opportunity to bag some treasure. This slot is too simple to have any special features. No wilds or scatters, and certainly no second screen bonus games. Instead you’ll be looking to line up those 7’s for the top prizes.

Setup of the 7 Oceans Slot

There are 3 reels in this game. These are created to look curved, mimicking the mechanical first-generation slots on which this game is based. Unusually, the reels sit in the top left-hand corner of the screen. The entire right-hand side is taken up by the pay tables, which are split into 3 for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd coin. Under the reels you will see the logo and underwater scene.

You only get a single win-line. This goes from left to right across the middle of the reels. There are two choices to make before you hit spin for the first time. First, you need to decide on your coin size. This can be anything from 25c and up. Second, you need to decide how many coins to play. With the 7’s only coming into play with 3 coins, I strongly recommend that you choose 3. If you need to, it is better to play 3 coins with a smaller coin size, than fewer with a larger coin size. There is a ‘bet max’ button which defaults to 3 coins.

Winning Combinations: 7’s and Bars

The biggest single prize is 4,000 coins. This will come your way if you line up 3 of the red ‘7 Oceans’ symbols, and are playing the maximum 3 coins. Next come the plain blue 7’s. These are worth 1,000 coins. Any mix of the 7’s has a better prize than in many 3-reel slots, this is worth 500 coins.

Bars are worth 90 coins for 3 of the ‘3-bar’ symbols, 60 for 3x 2-bars and 30 for 3 of the single bars. There is a small prize for a combination of any 3 bars on the win line. This gets you 18 coins. Again, these prizes are based on the default 3-coin bet.

There is only one more prize. Unusually, this is for filling the win-line with a whole lot of nothing! If you miss the win line completely, hitting 3 blanks – then 6 coins are coming your way.

It feels like the logo and reels of the Ocean 7’s slot are from different games. Under the reels you’ll see that big red 7 Oceans symbol. Under this is a pile of gold coins, which are part of a larger hoard of treasure that has spilled from the chest to the right-hand side. To the left are colourful pink corals with the orange and white striped clown fish swimming above it. Completing the view are some zebra fish to the top right and bubbles to the left.

Now compare this vivid and colourful scene the reels. These are plain white, and most of the symbols on them are the black and white bars. They are designed to look curved, and the light effects which achieve this are well produced. The orange and blue 7’s are the only colour you will find here.

Sound effects are simple electronic beeps. The winning combinations you hit will flash on the pay table.

Should You Set Sail for the 7 Oceans Slot?

This game is simple, even in comparison to other 3-reel slots. There is only one reason to play it, the 4000-coin top prize from hitting 3 of the 7 Oceans symbols. While the underwater scene beneath the reels looks great, this theme is not continued in the game itself. One for the slot traditionalists only!

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