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Many online slots with similar names feature polar bears, or maybe penguins. This one is way more dramatic. The pounding classical music sets the scene. On the reels, you will find fierce warriors, chests full of treasure and Viking long-boats. Things literally come to life in the bonus game. Where you’ll take the role of a Viking archer – fighting sinister foes!

The 1024 ways setup of this free slot game gives you plenty of opportunities to line up wins. It is the free spins bonus game where the biggest riches will come from. Here you can get up to 540 free spins, and earn a 6x multiplier on your wins.

Frozen Setup of the Arctic Fortunes Slot

All-ways setups, which dispense with win-lines, using matches on consecutive reels instead, are more common on 5×3 slots. Artic Fortune has a 5 reel and 4 row setup. This gives you a full 1024 ways to win. That is to say that if you covered all the spots with the same symbol, you’d be looking at 1024 line prizes.

The setup is simple. You pay 50 coins for each spin to get all 1024 winning combinations. You can adjust your coin size (from 1c and up) and bet up to 5 coins per ‘line’. If you click the word ‘expert’ under the controls, a new panel appears. This includes an auto-play option.

With all those winning combinations, the individual wins are lower. You’ll often hit several in the same spin, which more than makes up for this.

A Viking warrior with a wooden shield is the single best paying symbol. This is worth 1500 coins for 5 of a kind, 500 for 4 and 100 for 3 from the left. A female warrior follows this, at 1000 coins for 5. The warriors are completed by a guy in a distinctive helmet – worth 500 coins for 5.

There are only 4 more regular symbols. These are a chest of treasure (200 for 5), Viking longboat (150), white wolf (75) and a horn with some grapes (50).

Logo Wilds and Map Scatter Symbols

Wild symbols only appear on reels 2 and 4. This means no win is possible with wild symbols only. These show the slot logo, and will substitute for the regular symbols – though not the scatters.

Those scatters show a map with a dagger in it. When you win with 2 or more of these you will see an animation where a spider runs over the map – only to be killed by the dagger. These symbols have an important role to play. If you get 3 or more anywhere in view, you get to play the free spins bonus game.

Fighting Giant Spiders Game and Free Spins

When you trigger the free spins, you go through a picks game to decide three things. This determines the number of spins, the multiplier for any wins and a cash bonus.

Calling this a ‘picks game’ is a huge understatement – as you will see as soon as you play it. You see a sequence from a first-person perspective of a Viking walking up to a frozen doorway covered in runes. This opens and you see a door covered in huge spiders. Your Viking has a bow, and your task is to shoot the spiders. They do move, though it is difficult to miss them (simply click on them). Each spider you shoot gives you a number of free spins or a multiplier.

When all the spiders are dead, the door opens and a huge spider comes out. You need to shoot the head and body. Each arrow you land gives you a win in coins. After a few hits, you see a message telling you to shoot the door controls either side of the door. They also give you a cash prize. When you shoot the second one the door falls – killing the giant spider!

At this point you are awarded your total spins, multiplier and cash. Now you go back to the reels, where your free spins go ahead.

Dramatic Design and Stirring Classical Music

It is the bonus game where the graphics and animations really step up a level. This almost comes as a surprise. Graphics in the main game are smart enough, with some small animations. You would not expect to be battling giant spiders based on these alone.

Around the reels you’ll see a snowy night sky. The back of the reels are white, which does make the symbols stand out sharply on the reels. Warriors are the best designs, with the guy in the impressive helmet the pick for me. Classical music, which has a dark feel to it, completes the moody impression.

Should You Fight Those Giant Spiders?

Even if Norse Myths slots are not your usual favourites, I would still recommend taking this game for a spin. The base game is solid enough. 1024 ways wins mean frequent (if smaller) prizes. The key reason to play is the prelude to the free spins, where you’ll do battle with a giant spider to win bonus coins!

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