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Slot designers love to play with words. The title of this game has two meanings. The wins of up to 8000 coins can be Astronomical compared to other 3-reel slots. There is also the ‘Astro’ part, which refers to the outer space theme. You’ll spin against a backdrop of distant stars and hear some sci-fi ambient sounds and win noises.

There is one special feature which makes Astronomical stand out from other traditional 3-reel slots. This is a wild symbol, which has a multiplier effect on any wins that it helps to create. If you get 2 wilds as part of a 3-symbol win, your multiplier will be even higher.

Simple 3 Reel Setup of the Astronomical Slot

The reels are set up in the same way as a whole generation of 3-reel slots. They are even drawn to look curved like Bally slot machines. You’ll get a single win-line, and the symbols will not always line up on it. When they do, the prizes can be significant.

You can play between 1 and 3 coins per spin. If you do choose to play 1 or 2, you will be giving a higher edge to the casino. The highest win is 2000 coins higher (proportionally) for that 3rd coin. This makes a significant difference over time. I recommend that you lower the size of your coin to make sure that you are able to bet 3 for each spin.

There is an auto play option. This can be reached by first hitting the ‘expert’ button on the control panel. The bet max button will spin the default of 3 coins.

Cosmic Wins and Multiplier Wilds

The logo, which is split into ‘Astro’ and ‘Nomical’ with stars above it, is the top paying symbol. Wins with this symbol are significantly higher than with the others. If you are playing the maximum 3 coins, 3 logo symbols will get you 8000 coins.

This symbol will also act as a substitute for the others. If you create a win with 2 regular symbols and one logo, this will be doubled compared to the pay table. If you create a win with 2 logos and 1 regular symbols, your multiplier is 4x. This will make a significant difference to the prizes. For example, 3 planets get you 900 coins by default (assuming 3-coin bets), if you win with 2 logos and 1 planet, this is bumped up to 3600 coins.

Regular Winning Combinations

After the logos and planet symbols come some more down to earth wins. These are the traditional bar symbols and cherries.

Bars are split into their usual 3, 2 and 1 variations. 3 of the 3 bars is worth 300 coins, 3x 2 bars 150 coins and 3x single bars 60. There is an additional prize for 3 mixed bars, which gets you 15 coins. All of these wins assume a 3-coin bet.

Cherries pay 6 coins for 3 and 3 coins for just 2 anywhere on the win-line.

Out of This World Design

This slot was one of the first generation of free online slot games – so your expectations for the design need to keep this in mind. My initial impression was of a bright and crowded screen. Most of the bold colouring is the pay table (to the right of the reels) and the very bright logo.

The logo sits underneath the reels, which have been placed in the top left corner. This is blue, purple and yellow – and has stars (complete with streamers) coming over the top of it. The only other brash symbol is the planet. This is a pink ball with stars circling around.

When compare those with the regular black and white bar symbols and the familiar cherries, it is quite some contrast.

Sounds attempt to be sci-fi, though only just manage this. The beeps and whirrs are made to sound like they come from an old style electro-mechanical slot.

Should You Take a Shot at the Stars with the Astronomical Slot?

To enjoy this game, you’ll either need to be a confirmed fan of simple 3-reel slots, or interested in slot history. The game-play is solid enough, though the only major attraction is the 8000 coins top prize. You can double or even 4x wins with the wild logo symbols, which can result in some unexpected windfalls.

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