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There is no comparison between the original Avalon slot from MicroGaming and the fantastic Avalon II game. The old version is a basic video slot with a single free spins round – while this new one is an epic with 8 different bonus games that follow a quest format. The graphics, sound effects and animations are top quality too.

It is hard to pick a highlight with so many bonus games. You follow a map through locations, where you will perform different tasks. You’ll start by forging the sword Excalibur, fight the black knight and enjoy free spins in several formats. If you finish the quest, a wheel bonus gives you the potential for a serious win.

The Quest Begins: Avalon II Slot Setup

Unlike the original, no win-lines are in use this time. Instead an all-ways system is employed. There are 5 reels and 3 rows, which means 243 potential winning combos from left to right. You bet in multiples of 30 coins, with up to 5 coins per ‘line’. This covers all the wins. The smallest spin amount is just 30c, with the biggest a $30. Auto play is offered, clicking this will bring up a configuration panel.

Most of the real action in this game comes from the amazing bonus games. There are line wins, though these are smaller than on many casino games. You can win up to 480,000 coins per spin (via the Grail bonuses).

The best paying symbol is the logo, which is also the wild. This comes stacked on the reels. All wins are for a $1.50c default bet – and with this the logo is worth $100 for 5. Next comes Arthur ($50), Merlin ($40), Guinevere ($30), Morgan ($20) and the Black Knight ($10). Plain playing card symbols make up the smaller wins.

Special On-Reel Features

The lady of the lake can appear at any time on reel 3. When she appears, she will expand with an excellent animation, to cover all 3 positions. This is an additional wild, which works with all the regular symbols (not the Grail bonus symbol) and will create extra wins.

Merlin has his own symbol, though a bigger version can also appear at random. He will award you extra cash prizes, or win multipliers.

Long List of Holy Grail Bonuses

A goblet with mystic blue light coming from it is the bonus symbol. This is also the scatter, paying up to $150 for 5 of a kind on the reels. When you get 3 or more, you’ll begin what can only be described as an epic adventure!

You’ll see mists clear, to reveal an old scroll map. This has different locations on it, leading towards Avalon. You progress through the different bonus games each time you hit 3+ Holy Grail symbols.

Here are the bonus games:

  • Lake of Legend: Here you see 6 podiums, all with a fragment of sword on it. In the middle of the screen is a longer stone, with a sword shape on it. You click to roll a dice, which puts pieces of Excalibur into the holes. You get a cash award for each piece. You have 10 rolls to complete the sword.
  • Misty Vale: This is a free spins game. You will see a line of the main characters appear in front of the reels, and will be asked to select one of them. This becomes an extra wild while you enjoy 15 free spins. You get 2x wins when your wild is involved.
  • Whispering Woods: Here you will get a simple picks game, where you choose from 5 shields. The animation with a white knight is amazing. After each pick, you get offered cash. It is your choice to keep your shield, or pick another one instead.
  • Forest Falls: Another free spins game awaits you here. This time you get 20 spins, with expanding wilds. Wilds move down the reels 1 row at a time, before moving off again. If you are lucky enough to get several of these on the screen, those spins can be valuable.
  • Dusky Moors: You are presented with tiles (cards) face down here and need to pick them. When you match 2 helmets of the same type, you get a cash award. Each time you pick a unique helmet, your multiplier increases. Ideally, you pick many unique helms before you hit a pair!
  • Morgan’s Keep: More free spins, this time there are ‘rolling reels’. This is known elsewhere as cascading wins. What happens is that wins on the reels explode, allowing new symbols to fall into their place. You get a multiplier which grows with each cascade.
  • Hall of Shadows: This is the most spectacular bonus game in terms of the visuals. You get to fight the black knight. He takes up most of the screen, and swings his giant sword at you. You will receive cash prizes each time you land a blow!
  • Isle of Avalon: If you make it to the Isle you’ll get to spin an impressive stone multi-ringed bonus reel. If you land ‘0’; on reel 3, then you get to spin a 4th wheel for even bigger prizes. There are some potentially huge wins available at the end of your quest.

Atmospheric Design

There are elements of this slot which can only be described as spectacular. From the beginning, things are atmospheric, with chilling classical type music. Around the reels are stone columns, with mist coming from haunting statues. On the reels, small animations are impressive enough. 5 of a kind wins trigger big symbols, for example the black knight swinging his sword. The lady of the lake and Merlin specials are amazing too.

It is when you get to the bonus games that graphics go to a new level. Each one has a voice over, explaining your location in the quest. Mists part to reveal scenes as you travel, and the music changes up. The two knights (White first, then Black) are worth playing just to see!

Start Your Quest for the Holy Grail

MicroGaming has taken the Kind Arthur legend, and turned it into an amazing interactive experience with Avalon II. There is no reason to play the original, skip straight to number 2 and begin your quest through 8 different bonus games today!

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