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Another slot machine game based on a pun from the archives of MicroGaming. This is a traditional style 3-reel slot, designed to work like the old Vegas slots with physical reels. The pun involves a children’s song ‘Baa baa black sheep’, and the ‘bar’ symbols found on slot games.

Other than the potential for a big line win, there are multipliers with the ‘wild’ sheep symbols in play. These can add up to 3x on the regular wins when you get the sheep involved. You will also find that traditional cherries have been replaced with bags of wool.

Sheep and Bar Symbols: Slot Setup

There are 3 reels in play, and just a single win-line. In common with the physical 3-reel slots, not every spin will see symbols on the win-line at all. You get a choice of playing 1, 2 or 3 coins. I strongly recommend the 3rd coin (reduce the size of each coin to make this possible if needed). This has a bigger top prize, and reduces the casino edge in the game as a result.

Top Prizes and Sheep Multipliers

Instead of needing 3 of the top symbol to hit the jackpot, this game sticks with the pun in the name. To win the 1600-coin top prize, you need bar-bar-black sheep… that is 2 single bars, followed by the special wild black sheep symbol. That 1600-coin prize assumes you are playing 3 coins. The prizes for 1 and 2 coins are 500 and 1000 coins instead.

Black sheep are wild symbols. If you get one of them in any other winning combination, that win is tripled compared to the pay table. This makes the next highest win 2 regular sheep and a black one. This is worth 540 coins (again assuming you bet that important 3rd coin).

Regular Prizes

3 white sheep will get you 180 coins, though it is the bars that take most of the space on the pat table. 3 of the 3-bars will get you 90 coins, 3x 2-bars are worth 60 and 3 single bars get you 30 coins.

If you mix up the bars, with 3 of any type on the reels, that is still worth 15 coins.

Wool pays for 1 and 2 on the reels as well as 3. 3 bags full (another line from the baa-baa-black sheep song) is worth 15 coins. If you get 2 this is 12 and a single bag of wool is 6 coins.

Simple Entertaining Design

Bar Bar Black Sheep follows the same design as many other older 3-reel slots from MicroGaming. You’ll find the reels tucked up in the top left corner, the pay table dominating the right-hand side and the logo underneath the reels.

The reels are designed to look curved, with a bar of light shining from the top of them as if you were on a casino floor. There are some unique touches, for example the daisies marking out the win-line between the reels. The sheep on the reels are basic, though have a little character, they are all pictured chewing grass.

On the pay table, you will see the wins listed for 1, 2 and 3 coins. The bigger win for the 3rd coin can be seen at the top on the right – keep this in mind to avoid giving money to the casino unnecessarily!

You’ll see 3 sheep, with the black one winking at you, under the reels as part of the logo. This is in vivid black and white writing.

Sounds from the famous song are part of this game. This is a quick electronic sequence, which only comes along when you make a mid-sized or better win. Smaller wins only get the start of this. There are ambient bird song sounds, and the usual slot noises from bygone eras in addition.

Will Playing This Slot Make You the Black Sheep of the Family?

For something a little different in your 3-reel casino gaming, this one fits the bill. It is not so far from the standard game-play, though does incorporate an entertaining theme. There is the potential for bigger wins, with a 1600-coin top prize. You’ll also get 3x wins which involve the black sheep as the wild symbol.

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