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Battlestar Galactica started off in 1978 with a long running TV series starring Richard. It has had a recent revival with an updated show, which took a female-led perspective, airing from 2004. This slot brings the drama of the second series, and plenty of special effects, and puts it into a rich multimedia slot game. You’ll see pictures of the stars on the reels. There are also dramatic battle sequences and a stirring music score.

This is a complex slot. There are progressive elements, where you move thought the ranks. There are also different ‘modes’. These include battle mode and run-mode. During these there are special extras, and the free spins works differently in each too.

Setup of the Fleet: How the Battlestar Galactica Slot Works

When you set all the movie clips and multiple features aside, you are left with a 5-reel grid with 3 rows of symbols on each reel. An all-ways (243 winning combinations) system is used. Your bets are in multiples of 30c, with an upper limit of $3 per spin.

Wins are topped by the logo symbol. This is also wild. It will often create multiple wins via the all-ways system. Those multi-line wins make up for the relatively smaller amounts. Based on the middle bet of $1.50 per spin, you’ll get $30 for 5 of the logo symbols.

Next come 8 different characters from the show. These all show head-shots of the actors looking right at you. The prizes range from $20, down to just $5 for 5 of a kid wins. All these characters require at least 3 from the left to trigger a prize. Playing card symbols then make up the smaller wins.

3 Modes of Play

You will start out in ‘normal mode’. Here the only notable difference in the play is that wilds are stacked on reel 1. At random, you will enter Fight Mode. This involves special split wilds during this bonus, which count twice in the all-ways system. You make 2x 5- of a kind wins when these hit, rather than any 6 of a kinds!

The final mode is ‘Run Mode’. Here the background of the slot turns green. You get wins from both left to right (normal) and right to left. There is also a special symbol with a timer on it on reel 3. This will turn all instances of a single symbol wild when it hits. You get different (though all equally dramatic) music for each of the 3 modes.

Ion Storm Bonuses Randomly Appear

While you play an Ion Storm can happen. This looks impressive. One or more reels turn wild, showing dramatic footage of enemy robot warriors. Potentially, all 5 reels can be turned wild – though this is usually one or two.

Space Battle Clips – Free Spins Bonus Game

3 of the fighter ships will trigger the free spins game. Again, this is dramatic, with video footage showing a space battle. You’ll get 15 free spins, each of which comes with a 3x multiplier on your wins. If you enter free spins during the battle mode, you also get some laser guns at the bottom of the screen. These will shoot symbols, sometimes revealing more free spins to extend the game.

Advance Through the Ranks

As you play you will advance in rank. The first time you know about this a screen pops up with an earnest voice-over. This tells you that your contribution has been worthy of becoming a private. You keep going up – all the way to Lieutenant Colonel – unlocking new video content on the way. This should appeal to fans of the show.

Multimedia Design with Plenty of Show Tie-Ins

Everything from the opening sequence onwards is heavily tied in with the TV show. You’ll see clips inside the symbols, in between the bonus games and on the reels during the Ion storm bonus. This is well produced, feeling like a coherent whole – and not simply a slot with clips added on. The music is rich and stirring. You’ll hear intensive classical music, which is straight from the show soundtrack. This creates a richer atmosphere than many of you will be used to after playing simple slots.

Should You Battle with the Cylons?

I’d rate this slot as a must-see, whether you are fans of the show or not. The game is a rich and varied experience without losing the focus on your ability to walk away with a big profit. Wilds give you plenty of chances of stacking up multiple wins in the base game. That base game varies as you cycle through the modes of play. When you hit the free spins, all wins are 3x, this is where the biggest wins can come from.

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