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You’ll hear the gentle plucked notes of a Spanish guitar while you spin the reels of Beautiful Bones. On the reels, there are skulls – or rather people with painted skulls. These elaborate designs are found on Mexico’s Dia de Muertos or ‘Day of the Dead’. This day is a celebration of the lives of the departed. The whole country downs tools and parties, often wearing this elaborate ‘Candy Skull’ make up.

There are some unusual features to keep your engaged. These include special extra spins with wilds that occur when you get 3 symbols in a row. There is also a strategy element. Free spins are triggered by collecting skull scatters. When you reach a certain number, you get to decide whether to take a multiplier offered – or keep collecting skulls for more.

Applying Your Skull Makeup: How the Beautiful Bones Slot Works

Bright symbols and elaborate makeup give Beautiful Bones slot a rich and feel. You’ll find 5 reels, 3 rows and no win-lines. Instead, the all-ways winning system is in use. This gives you 243 potential winning combinations – all starting on the left-hand reel. To the left of the reels you will see a meter, with 10 holes waiting to be filled on each level. You bet in multiples of 30c to cover all the winning combinations. Auto-play is offered.

The pay table is dynamic, updating to match the size of your spin. I have listed the prizes for the default $1.50 per spin amount.

It is the ladies which have the highest real money payout. There are 3 of them. A blonde, redhead and brunette. Each will get you $15 for 5 of a kind, and all of them pay all the way down to 2 from the left. There are also two men. These come in circles with green and blue backgrounds, and wear hats. They are worth $7.50c for 5.

Smaller wins come from playing card symbols. These have been beautifully designed to fit in with the Day of the Dead theme. They keep the bold colours of other slots.

Wilds and Spin Again Feature

There are no wilds on the reels, instead these are created as you play. When you get 3 of one symbol, either horizontally or vertically anywhere in view on the reels, wilds appear. What happens is that the 3 symbols merge, creating a wild with a heart on it in the middle. This then stays in place, while the reels spin again for free. If you get another 3 symbols, the previous wild(s) disappear, and new ones take their place for another free spin.

Candy Skull Scatters and Free Spins

Pink backed skulls are scatter symbols. These do not trigger the free spins in the usual way. Instead they add candy skulls to meters on the left of the reels. Each time you get a scatter in reels 1 or 5, a skull travels over, settling into the first open hole from the bottom. They accumulate until you have 10, at which point a screen appears giving you a decision.

You can either take 10 free spins at a 3x win multiplier, or continue collecting candy skulls. If you continue, then the next question comes with 10 more. Here you get to take 15 free spins with a 4x multiplier or continue to the final option – 18 spins at 5x.

Bright Skull Designs

Around the reels is a dark purple glow, with confetti and bright lights on it. This frames white reels where the people in masks give a rich feel to the game. The artwork is top quality, with each of the make-up skulls being a different design. Winning combinations are easy to spot, as each person has a different background colour.

Scatter symbols are the stand out, and the animation where the tiny skull moves over to fill the free spins meter is excellent too. When you trigger the free spins game, the reels turn black. A more upbeat Hispanic tune replaces the gentle guitar work of the main game.

Should You Celebrate the Day of the Dead with Beautiful Bones?

There is no need to wait until November the 2nd to enjoy Beautiful Bones from MicroGaming. This slot makes a great choice all year around. The visuals are stunning, with a lot of details in the candy skull makeup. The main reasons to play are the multipliers. How big your bankroll is will determine whether you go for the 3x multiplier, or keep collecting those skulls to move this up to 5x!

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