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The name of this slot is an expression of happiness. You can almost imagine an Italian chef kissing his fingers before expressing ‘Belissimo’ for the food he is preparing. You will find the chef on the reels of this traditional 3-reel slot from MicroGaming. If you manage to line up 3 of them on the 5th win-line, you’ll be shouting ‘Belissimo’ yourself. This is because the biggest win of 5000 coins will be coming your way.

There are no special symbols on this slot. Instead the 5-lines are all about lining up the symbols. In addition to bar symbols and chefs, you will find 7’s which have a pizza slice behind them.

3 Reels and 5 Win Lines – How the Belissimo Slot Is Set Up

The reels are tucked into the top left corner of this slot. Like most MicroGaming 3-reel titles, the reels are made to look curved. You need to bet 5 win-lines each time, as this number is fixed. The coin size is optional, from 25c and up. There is a bet max button as well as one for spin.

Keep in mind that, like the mechanical 3-reel games, you will not always find the symbols lining up on a win-line. With the diagonal win-lines as well as the horizontal ones – hitting a symbol in the middle of the reels can be very valuable, enabling wins in different directions.

Tasty Winning Combinations

Chefs are the best paying symbol by a wide margin on this real-money slot machine. The amount you win will depend on which of the 5 win-lines you line up 3 of them on. These increase from 1000 for the middle line, going up to 1500 and 2000 for the horizontal line above and below this. Diagonal lines pay the most. The top left to bottom right diagonal pays 2500 coins. While the bottom left to top right pays the maximum 5000 coins.

7’s come next, these are worth 80 coins for 3 – no matter which of the 5 win-lines you get them lined up on. After that are the bar symbols. These come in 3, 2 and single format. They pay 60 coins for 3 of the 3-bars, 40 for 3 of the 2-bars and 10 for 3 of the single bars. If you hit a mix of bars, you’ll get a consolation prize of 4 coins.

With 5 win-lines in play, it is possible to hit more than one win from each spin.

Smiling Italian Chef Slot Design

As far as the layout goes, this is very much standard for MicroGaming 3-reel slots. They have tucked the reels into the top left corner of the screen. This leaves the entire right-hand side for the pay table.

The slot logo is below the reels. This shows a chef, big white grin, traditional white puffy hat and big moustache. He is holding a pizza in one hand, and you’ll see that he thinks this is Belissimo!

Symbols on the reels are plain in contrast to this vivid logo. The head of the chef does appear, tilted at an angle. Only the 7’s are unusual, these sit in front of a glowing pizza oven. Most of the symbols are bars, which are the exact same design you will have seen on 100’s of slots throughout the years.

The pay table will flash when you win, showing you which prizes you received. At the top where the chef prizes are displayed, you will see a checked table cloth peeking from beneath the prizes.

Should You Enjoy Some Classic Italian Slot Action?

If you are a big fan of the simple 3-reel slots, and crave something a little different from the regular cherries and 7’s – then why not take Belissimo for a spin? There are no features, wilds or multipliers to distract your focus from lining up those winning combinations. With 5 win-lines in play you’ll have multiple opportunities to line up those chefs. If you get them on line 5, then 5,000 coins could be coming your way.

MicroGaming have a wide selection of traditional online slots. If you enjoy this one, why not check out ‘Bar Bar Black Sheep’ or ‘Big 5’.

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