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Some of the best known online slots have a safari theme. MicroGaming’s Mega Moolah is best known for its huge jackpots – as well as those African animals. Big 5 takes a different look at this theme. This is very much a traditional slot. There are 3 reels, which are made to look curved – mimicking the electro-mechanical slots of days gone by. The ‘Big 5’ in question are a lion, buffalo, rhino, elephant and leopard.

You will not find any special features on Big 5. This is slot gaming stripped down to the basics. The key reason for choosing to play this game is the big top prize. If you are playing the maximum 3 coins and hit 3 of the lion symbols.

Before You Set Off on Safari: The Setup of MicroGaming’s Big 5

I’m sure that it is not possible to get any simpler a setup that you will find on the Big 5 slot. There are 3 (curved) reels, and 1 win-line right across the middle. The symbols will not always hit that win-line. What you will find is that the prizes when you do hit it are big enough to make up for a lot of misses!

You have 2 choices before you spin. First, you need to determine the size of your coin. 25c is the smallest amount, with the highest $10. Next you can play up to 3 coins per spin. The ‘bet max’ button will default to 5 and start the spin right away, while you toggle between the number of coins by clicking the ‘bet one’ button.

Many 3-reel traditional slots incentivize you to play 3 coins at a time. They do this by making the top prize for the 3rd coin proportionally higher. Big 5 does not do this, the prizes are (proportionally) the same for 1, 2 or 3 coins.

Winning Combinations

Lions are the only non-traditional symbols on the reels in Big 5 slot game, and these have the highest prize. If you are playing 3 coins, and hit 3 lions on a win-line, then you get 2,400 coins. This symbol does not pay out for 1 or 2 on the reels, and does not substitute for other symbols as a wild.

Bars with the number 5 in the middle are the next best paying symbols. These are worth 150 coins for 3 (all wins assume the full 3 coins). There are also single bar symbols without the 5, which pay 30 coins for 3. A mix of these two types of bar get you 15 coins.

Cherries are the only symbols to pay out for 1 or 2, as well as for the full 3. If you land 3 cherries on the win-line, then you get 60 coins prize. Just 2 of these are worth 15 coins, with 6 coins for a single cherry anywhere in view.

While the theme of this slot would have made it perfect for a ‘wild’ symbol, there are none on the reels of big 5. You will also find scatters lacking, and no bonus games or special features – this game is slot gaming in the purest form possible!

Wild Animals Design

As soon as you see this slot, the logo surrounded by wild animals will catch your eye. The animals are the big game that all safari fans want to see. They are pictured a lot closer together than they could ever get in real life! At the front of the picture is a lion, with a rhino – horn pointing at you – to its right. Behind this you will find an elephant, buffalo and – asleep in a tree – a leopard. The multi-coloured ‘Big 5’ wording bringing this picture to life.

Above this logo are the curved reels, there is nothing unusual about them. There is a curved effect the same as most 3-reel slot games. Reels are plain white, which brings out the contrast from the simple and boldly coloured symbols.

Finally, the right-hand column of the screen is covered by the pay table. This covers all the different winning combinations for 1, 2 or 3 coins.

Should You Hunt for the Big 5?

As traditional 3-reel slots go, this one is solid and basic. While the animals theme does help to bring it to life, there is not too much going on. The key reason to play is that 2400 coins top prize. If you enjoy traditional slots, and feel like switching it up a little, then this slot could turn out to be a roaring success!

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