Bikini Party Slots

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You’ll spin the reels of this free slot machine on a net, set on a beach. On the reels, the players will appear (along with playing card symbols). These are fit ladies, in small bikinis, some of them in somewhat provocative poses. The oldest marketing technique has been professionally used for an online slot from MicroGaming!

This game works with an all-ways system, dispensing with regular win-lines. There are wilds in play. If you trigger the free spins bonus game of 15 spins, you’ll be rewarded with a win multiplier of 3x – plus the chance to retrigger. There is a unique strategy element to this game. You can respin individual reels, for a varying price.

How Does the Bikini Party Slot Work?

There are no win-lines in play over the 5-reel by 3 row playing grid. Instead any 3 or more matching symbols on consecutive reels triggers a win. This ‘all-ways’ system keeps things simple, and creates 243 potential winning combinations from left to right over the reels.

All you need to do is select how much to bet. This ranges from 25c per spin and up from there.

The pay table will change based on your bet amount. I have listed the main winning prizes here based on $1 a spin to keep things simple.

Five ladies in bikinis are the high paying regular symbols. These are topped with the player in red who is giving a peace sign. She will get you $160 for 5 of a kind. The player about to hit the ball is next at $100. Both these symbols have small prizes from 2 of a kind from the left, while the others require a minimum of 3. These are a blonde with a yellow swimsuit ($80 for 5), green bikini babe who is bending over ($40) and one in blue wearing sunglasses ($20).

Regular smaller wins are created with the usual bold coloured playing card symbols. There are wild (substitute) symbols in play. These are the logos. They replace the regular symbols, though not the scatters which trigger the bonus game.

Respin Individual Reels Feature

After you spin, win or lose, you will be given the chance to respin the reels individually. This will cost money, and each reel will have a different price. You’ll find this price, along with the respin button, at the bottom of each reel. Factors affecting how much a reel costs include whether there are wild symbols on adjacent reels, and how many bigger wins are possible. If you have 2 scatter symbols, and want to keep respinning a reel to hit the 3rd one, you are welcome to do this too. Note that some spins will be a lot bigger than your regular bet amount.

Sunset Free Spins Bonus

Scatters show a net and ball. These have prizes attached based on the total number in view (up to $100 for 5 for a $1 per spin bet). 3 or more of these also trigger the free spins bonus game.

You’ll see the blue sky behind the reels turn orange, and some pop music will kick in. You get 15 free spins, with no extra for 4 or 5 scatters on the triggering spin. The big advantage of this slot game that you can play for money is that any wins you get have a 3x multiplier. If you get 3+ scatters, you’ll get both a tripled scatter win, and 15 more free spins will be added to your total.

Beach Volleyball Design

The way that the reels have been put into the net of beach volleyball game is nicely done. Beyond this you will see blue sky and the sea, with a sandy beach in the foreground. There are ambient sea sounds in the background, and lively music when you hit wins.

MicroGaming has not tried to hide the appeal of the bikini girls! Before anyone gets too interested, these are (detailed) drawings only – and are not photo-realistic. There are animations, like the ball being struck or sunglasses raised when the girls are involved in wins.

Graphics do change for the bonus game, with a sunset view coming in. The lively pop music changes the feel, though is not too obtrusive.

Should You Put on Your Swimwear and Join the Party?

Bikini Party is a nicely produced slot, which has a lively feel and will appeal to men everywhere! Overall the production is high quality, though there is not too much depth to the game play. All-ways wins, plus the ability to respin individual reels adds a strategy element. Note that you’ll give up the ability to respin if you use auto-play. The highlight is tripled wins during the free spins bonus game.



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