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Break da Bank is a very straightforward free slot game which is all about one subject. Money! This game has a simple three reels and there is a grand total of just three different symbols in play. You have the logo symbol showing an open safe and a pile of gold coins, a golden dollar sign and the combinations of bar symbols. If you like your slots uncomplicated, this is the game for you.

The logo symbol is a wild one, which can throw some nice multipliers into the mix. This symbol also offers different pay outs based on which of the five lines you win on. The diagonals are where the real money is.

Playing it Safe – How Break da Bank Works

This MicroGaming created slot is a simple three-reel setup. Across those three reels you’ll find a total of 5 win-lines. The horizontals make up the first of the three lines. Line 1 is the middle line, while lines 2 and 3 are the top and bottom horizontals. Line 4 is the diagonal from bottom left to top right, while line 5 is the opposite diagonal.

Break da Bank is one of those three reel slots where the symbols won’t always line up on the reels. This means that wins won’t be possible at some spins, as you’ll effectively have blanks. While this can be frustrating, these blank spins only mean that when you do land a win, the win amounts can be higher.

The lowest paying symbols in the Break da Bank game are the bars. Land three triple bars on a win line and you’ll pick up 80 coins. A line of double bars pays 40 coins. The lowest paying single bars are worth 10 coins. The final pay out awarded for the bar symbols is awarded for a combination of the three, worth 5 coins. The other ‘standard’ symbol in the game is the golden dollar sign. Land three of these in a row and you’ll pick up 160 coins. This dollar sign worth double that of the top pay out for the bar.

Wilds and Jackpots

The title / logo symbol is the wild and will substitute for any of the bar symbols and the dollar sign. This is no normal wild however. If this wild is used as a substitute in a win, the pay-out amount will be doubled. Use a pair of wilds in a win and the win amount will be multiplied by 4. For example, if you land a pair of wilds alongside the dollar sign on a win line, you’ll pick up a generous 640 coins.

This wild is also the highest paying symbol in the game. The pay outs for this symbol change based on which of the five win-lines you land it on. A win on line one pays out 1,000 coins, and you can add 200, 400 and 600 coins for wins on lines 2, 3 and 4 respectively. The largest win of all comes when you hit three wilds in a row on win line 5. This will see 2,400 coins heading your way.

The Floor Plan – Break da Bank Design

In some ways, you would say this slot has a traditional feel, especially the reels themselves. These are backed with white and curved, just like any old-style fruit machine. However, the game has a more modern feel aside from this. To the right of the reels you’ll find the pay table, this especially colourful when listing the five different wild pay outs. Below the reels is the title of the slot, showing a larger version of the title symbol, all in gold and silver.

The controls of this game are particularly simple. You have up/down buttons to set the coin value, alongside ‘bet one’, ‘bet max’ and ‘spin’ buttons. The ‘bet max’ button sets the coin value immediately to 5 and spins the reels, while ‘bet one’ increases the bet amount one by one.

Break da Bank – Successful Heist or In the Clink?

Break da Bank slot game is a very different game to what you might expect to find at a modern-day online casino. With just three reels and five win-lines, this slot is lower on action than elsewhere. This will appeal to many players however. You have all the action (and even the pay outs) right there on screen. You’ll know straight away if you’ve won and the gameplay is rapid. Some of the pay outs are on the larger side too. All in all, this makes for a simple and enjoyable three-reel slot.

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