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Bullseye was an institution on British TV for many years. It now looks dated, though many of the catch-phrases from the show are still in common use. MicroGaming has immortalized this show into a free online slot game. Bullseye slot game is funny and engaging, and is bound to bring back memories of the TV show itself. You’ll find the mascot ‘Bully’ on the reels, as well as darts symbols and prizes – which really are starting to look dated.

There are two features to enjoy. The first is a picks game. This is based on a unique dart board from the show – and includes some cringe-worthy prizes (1970’s food mixer anyone?). You’ll win cash prizes instead. The other bonus is a free spins game – where all your wins are doubled.

Before You Play Bullseye: Slot Setup

While the theme of Bullseye slot is retro, the setup is right up to date. Bullseye uses a 243-ways ‘all-ways’ winning system. This means that any matching symbols on 3 or more consecutive reels from the left are wins. While individual wins are smaller in all-ways slots, you’ll make up for this by triggering a lot of them from some spins.

Bets are in multiples of 30 for all the combinations. You can bet up to 10 coins per ‘line’ and adjust the coin size from 1c and up. Auto-play is offered as standard.

Bully, with the word ‘Bullseye’ underneath him, is the highest paying symbol – and also the wild. You’ll get 500 coins for 5 of a kind, 100 for 4 and 60 for 3. Bully appears stacked on the reels, and will often take up entire reels. This works well in the all-ways system. By substituting for the other regular symbols, he will often create multiple wins.

The higher paying symbols are the ‘grand’ prizes. These are the infamous speedboat, caravan and car. Lower paying symbols are all darts or show related. These include a darts flight, tankard and blocky square glasses – which were worn by the host of the show – Jim Bowen.

Bully’s Prize Board Bonus

Symbols showing a special darts board with 8 segments have regular line prizes (400 coins for 5). These can also trigger the second screen bonus game, with one on each of reels 1 and 5.

You get a voice over from the show and the special board rolls around to face you. Next you must pick 5 of the 8 segments, one at a time. You hear ‘Innnn Two’ (for example) after seeing an animation of a dart hitting the board. The segment then clears to reveal a prize. These prizes look crazy now – a carriage clock, or cassette tape player for example. Each one you reveal gives a bonus of between 3x and 15x your total spin amount.

Scatter Symbols and Free Spins

A different board design is used for the free spins. Those symbols have scatter prizes (based on the total amount in view). These are up to 100x your total spin amount for 5. You will also get 15 free spins with 3 or more.

The game is almost the same, though the board bonus can’t be hit while you are playing it. You do get different graphics, with a blue background – and will ‘enjoy’ some original music from the show. During your free spins, all your wins are doubled compared to the pay table.

Design is Faithful to the Original Show

I get the feeling that the designers of this slot were fans of the show. The detail level and element of humour come over well. The symbols with prizes certainly bring back memories. Contestants that gambled their wins to go for the big prize were told ‘Look what you could have won’, if they blew it!

Above the reels you’ll find the gameshow logo, with two different symbols showing Bully. Jim Bowen is not shown, though his glasses give the hint that he has not been forgotten! The voice overs and music contribute to the retro show feeling.

Should You Aim for the Bullseye?

I’m sure that anyone that remembers the show will get some enjoyment from Bullseye slot. What I’m not so sure of is whether the humour would work for anyone who as not familiar with it. When a show got popular because it was ‘so bad, its good’ – the references can fall flat.

There are plenty of reasons to play, including an entertaining bonus game, stacked wilds and free spins. Doubled wins combined with 15 free spins gives you the best chance of hitting a bigger win!

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