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Rather than an ocean liner, the captain in this 3-reel MicroGaming title is driving a speedboat. He appears on the reels with a bushy moustache, big cigar and wad of cash in his hand. On the big graphic under the reels, that cash is replaced with a cocktail, complete with umbrella. These images are in stark contrast to the regular winning symbols. Those are very traditional – in the form of bar symbols and sevens.

The main appeal of this game is the big line wins. These are topped by getting 3 of the Captain Cash symbols on the 5th reel. The captain is also a wild, and will help you create lots of smaller wins in combination with the other symbols.

Slot Ahoy! What to Know Before You Spin the Captain Cash Reels

This slot has up to 5 win-lines. You can choose any number, each time you hit the ‘bet one’ button this increases by 1, before going back to 1 and starting again. It is important to play the maximum 5 coins – even if this means reducing the size of your coin. The reason is that you’ll get a much better return (in the long run) by playing 5 coins.

The increased return comes from the fact that the top prize of 5000 coins for 5 captains on line 5, is much bigger than the same symbols on other lines. Line 1 pays 1000 coins for 5 captains, then lines 2 through 4 add 500 coins each time. That 5th line is a full 2500 coins more than the same prize for line 4. Over time this will make a significant difference.

You can instantly default to 5 coins using the ‘bet max’ button. If you prefer auto-play, this can be access via the ‘expert’ button which is on the left-hand side of the controls.

Regular Wins with Sevens and Bars

Red 7’s make up the next level of wins. These pay 80 coins for 3 in a row.

Next come the bars. These appear in their usual 3 variations of 3, 2 and 1 bar in black and white. 3 of the triple bars will get you 60 coins, 3 doubles are worth 40 coins and 3 singles gets you 10 coins. If you hit a combination of different bar symbols (the most common variation), this will get you a 4-coin consolation prize.

Captain Cash is Wild

Wild symbols act as substitutes for the regular symbols. In this game, the captain himself takes this role. For example, if you hit 2 of the red 7’s and one captain cash symbol on a win-line, then you will get 80 coins as if you had hit 3 of the red 7’s.

If it is unclear which win lines have paid, red lines do appear over the reels – and your wins flash on the pay table as if lit from behind.

Nautical Design of the Captain Cash Slot

You’ll immediately notice the contrast between the reels and the background graphics. The reels are traditional, looking like the curved physical reels of mechanical slot games. When you see the bright graphics and the caricature captain, these are strikingly different.

There are some nice small touches. The captain’s boat has some white sea gulls sitting on it, and his light orange shirt fits the type of character well. The picture of the captain on the reels is also fun, you can imagine him puffing cigar smoke your way while showing off his money!

There are no animations or fancy graphics for this game. Your wins are highlighted by flashing lights only, and beeps too. Sounds recreate traditional mechanical slots. There is an ambient background track which is a quieter version of the mix of slot sounds you would experience on the casino floor.

Should You Set Sail for the Captain Cash Slot?

If you are a fan of traditional slots, then Captain Cash might well make for an entertaining session. You will not find fancy game play. This slot is all about the potential for a big line win. Wild symbols do help to keep the smaller wins flowing while you wait for the bigger windfalls to come your way. The caricature captain and bright graphics do help Captain Cash stand out from the other 3-reel slots in the MicroGaming range.


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