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While Cash Clams is a slot featuring an opportunity to win money at a shellfish based slot, you might not realise that the title has a literal meaning. The main character in the game is the clam. This clam with a mouthful of gold coins. As the wild and the highest paying symbol, this is the most important symbol in the game. Joining the cash clam on the reels are golden sevens and bar symbols, giving the game a traditional feel. A cheeky looking red crab also appears.

The game is a straightforward, no frills slot. With just three reels and a single win line, this is easy to follow and quick to play.

Three Reels and Some Shell Fish – Cash Clams Base Game

Cash Clams is one of the simplest slot games you’ll find online. You’ll have no worries about setting the number of win lines, as there is only one. And with three reels, you’ll simply need to hit three in a row to win the main prizes.

The player has only two decisions to make. First, the coin value must be set. This is done using the small + and – buttons beneath the reels. The other option is whether you’d like to play for 1 or 2 coins. Playing for 2 coins is certainly recommended as you’ll have a better return to player percentage playing this way (play both coins with a reduced stake as opposed to one coin with a higher stake).

Having hit spin, you’ll notice that you can land a blank on the reels. This happens when you’ll find symbols above and below the win line, but not on it. These losing spins do enable higher prizes on the winning spins however, ensuring some large pay outs.

The golden seven is the highest paying standard symbol on the reels. Hit three in a row and 200 coins will be yours (all pay outs listed here are based on playing for 2 coins). Next on the pay table are the treble, double and single bars. These pay out 100, 60 and 30 coins respectively. As is usually the case with these bar symbols, you’ll also land a win when any combination of the three symbols line up on a win line. This pays out 10 coins. The final standard symbol is the red crab. Hit three in a row and you’ll win 20 coins. You’ll always win when a crab appears, as landing any two on the reels pays 6 coins and a single crab pays 4 coins.

Wild and Rich Clams

The money clam is the wild in the game. This will substitute for any other symbol, enabling extra wins. Any time you gain a win with just a single clam wild, the win amount will be doubled, which is always a nice touch with the wild. Land a win with two wilds and it gets even better as the win amount is multiplied by 4. Land a golden seven and two wilds on the win line and you’ll pocket an eye-catching 800 coins.

This wild symbol is also the highest paying in the game. Hit three in a row on a win line and you’ll win a massive 5,000 coins. If playing for just 1 coin, you would only pocket 2,000 coins, which is less than the half you would expect (which is why the return to player percentage is better when playing for 2 coins).

Clams, Claws and Cash – Cash Clams Design

Being such a straightforward game, all the information you need to play the game is right there in front of you. To the top left you have the traditional looking curved white reels, complete with shadow to make them appear as they would at any slot in the last fifty years. This traditional feel is added to by the nice mix of sevens and bars added to the reels. Both the clam and the crab are the stand out symbols however. Both of these are designed in a humorous way and add colour to the reels. The accompanying sound is what you would expect from a traditional slot too – with the appropriate clicks and buzzes.

Three Reel Pearl? – Cash Clam Summary

This MicroGaming designed slot will have a great level of appeal to those who like their slot gaming easy. Hit spin and you’ll know within seconds if you’ve won. And there are some great prizes to be had. The wild symbol really steps up too (well, if clams had legs they would step up) offering some impressive multipliers. Land three clams in a row and you’ll walk away very happy.

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