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Traditionally in slot gaming, the cherry is something of an afterthought. It’s usually the lowest paying symbol in a game, although it may offer an even smaller win if you land just one or two on the reels. This game changes it up completely however. Here, the cherry is the highest paying and the wild symbol. This cherry has had a makeover! Joining the cherry on the reels are a series of traditional symbols, including bars and bells.

Cherry Red is a straightforward three-reel slot with just a single win line. The win amounts can be sizable, especially when a wild forms part of the win line. Land two wilds and it gets even better.

Better Off Red? How the Cherry Red Slot Works

Cherry Red is a three-reel slot with just a single win line going across the centre of the reels. On many occasions, symbols will land above and below the win line, meaning that you’ve landed a blank. While these blanks are frustrating, as they make wins harder to come by, they do mean that your wins can be bigger.

Before you hit spin, you’ll hit spin for the first time, you’ll have two decisions to make. The first of these is the coin value and this can range between 50c and $100. The other decision you’ll make is whether to play for 1 or 2 coins. The pay table shows that wins for 2 coins are simply double those for a single coin (all pay outs mentioned below are based on playing for 2 coins).

Regular Winning Combinations

You’ll win when landing three symbols in a row on the win line. Aside from the wild cherries, the highest paying symbols of all are the red sevens. Land these on the win line and you’ll pick up 200 coins. Next on the pay table are the triple bars and these are worth 100 coins. The double bars have a pay-out of 50 coins, while the single bars are worth 20 coins. As is usually the case, you’ll also land a win when hitting a combination of the three bar symbols, this worth 6 coins.

The only other symbol on the reels is the bell. Land three in a row and you’ll win 40 coins. But there is an extra bonus with the bell. Land just two on the win line and you’ll win 10 coins. Hit just a single bell and you’ll pick up 4 coins. This might not sound a lot, but this happens regularly and effectively pays for 2 spins every time.

Wild Cherry Symbol Multiplies Wins

Throughout the game the cherry is the wild symbol, meaning it will substitute for any other in the game. This has an extra bonus too. Land a win with a single cherry and the win amount will be multiplied by two. Land a win with a pair of cherries and the win amount is subject to a 4x multiplier. For example, if you land a triple bar on the win line with a pair of cherries, you’ll pick up a cool 400 coins.

The cherry is also the highest paying symbol in the game. Land three in a row when playing for 2 coins and you’ll find 1,600 coins heading your way. These are the kind of cherries I like.

Bright Cherry Red Design

With symbols such as the cherry, the bars and the red seven on the reels, this game has a very traditional feel. This is only added to by the white backed reels, the shadows of which show that familiar curvature. If you’ve ever played a ‘one-armed bandit’, this game will bring a smile to your face. As you would expect from this game, there is much colour everywhere. Another bonus aspect to this slot is that all the information you need to play is right there on the screen.

The reels are in the top left. The pay table is to right. And the controls are below. The sound effects to the game are classic too – the simple clicking and whirring of the reels and a jingle when you win.

Red or Dead? Cherry Red Overview

This is a slot which will certainly appeal to fans of traditional gaming. There is a warm familiarity you feel when playing a slot with cherries, bells, bars and sevens. Each of these symbols looks exactly as they would at any time in the past too. With a welcoming 1,600 coins up for grabs at any spin and the wild multipliers, the game has a nice level of excitement too. It’s not complicated but it’s fun.

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