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Chief’s Fortune is an upgrade to the popular Chief’s Magic slot by MicroGaming. The new game has been boosted with improved graphics and a new bonus feature. The leading character in the game is the native American chief, who is both wild and acts as the highest paying symbol. He is joined on the reels by the logo symbol and the traditional red sevens and bar symbols.

The highlight of the slot is the bonus feature. Unusually for a 3-reel slot, you’ll go to a second screen where you’ll win in an entertaining picks round. You’ll land this feature in a unique way, read on to find out how!

The Law of the Land – How Chief’s Fortune Works

This MicroGaming designed slot is one of the more straightforward titles you’ll find online. You have three reels and a single win line and to win you’ll need to land three symbols in a row. It couldn’t be easier.

Before your first spin you’ll have to make two choices. First, you’ll need to choose the coins value. Second, you must choose the number of coins – your options are 1, 2 or 3. Playing all three is certainly recommended as the odds are more in your favour (all pay outs listed are therefore based on playing all 3 coins). You’ll see why when we discuss the wild symbol later.

The title symbol is the highest paying in the game. This shows the word ‘Chiefs’ in large, yellow letters, with feathers coming out of the top. Land this symbol three times in a row and you’ll pick up an impressive 600 coins. Next on the pay table are the red sevens. These have been given the native American makeover too, as they also have feathers attached. Hit three sevens and you’ll win 240 coins.

The final standard symbols on the reels are the bar symbols. As usual, these come in three sizes – triple, double and single. The triple bar is the highest paying of all, giving you a win of 120 coins. The prize is halved to 60 coins for landing three double bars, while the pay-out for the single bars is 15 coins. If you land a combination of any bar symbols, you’ll pick up 3 coins. This effectively giving you a free spin.

Wild Native American Chief

The native American chief, resplendent in his head-dress is the wild symbol in the game. As the wild, he will substitute for any other symbol in the game apart from the bonus one. This symbol is also the highest paying in the game. Play for 1 or 2 coins and you’ll win 500 and 1000 coins respectively for winning with this symbol. You’d therefore expect the pay out to be 1,500 coins when playing for 3 coins. This is not the case. Play for 3 coins and you’ll win 2,000 coins. Hence the reason why playing for all 3 coins is recommended.

Progressive Element, 5 Arrows for the Bonus Game

The final symbol in the game is an arrow which only appears on reel 3. When this symbol has landed a total of 5 times you’ll enter the second screen bonus feature. Here you’ll have to choose items of clothing that the chief will wear. The chief is heading to a rain dance in an attempt to stop an impending drought. After making your choice you’ll win a credit amount.

Picturesque Backdrop with Traditional Symbols

One of the best aspects of this enjoyable slot is the picturesque backdrop to the game. You have looming mountains in the background, standing out against the darkening night sky. In the foreground are a collection of tepees, with fires glowing from within. In front of these is a target, which the native Americans can use to sharpen their arrow firing skills. Much of this scene is below the reels, while the pay table tells you everything you need to know to the right of the reels. The reels themselves have a classic feel, while the accompanying whirring and clicking sounds only add to this.

Chief’s Fortune Slot Overview

Three-reel slots have their own niche and play very differently to some of the more expansive slots found online today. This has a great deal of appeal to many players. These straightforward games play quickly and are uncomplicated. Chief’s Fortune is a fine example of a 3-reel slot and this has the added advantage of the second screen bonus game. With some sizable pay outs and the eye-catching backdrop, Chief’s Fortune can only be recommended.

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