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Chief’s Magic is a slot which takes you back to a time when slot gaming was much simpler. The game has just three reels and a single win line. This slot centres around a native American chief who stands proudly beneath the reels. The figure also appears on the reels as the highest paying symbol in the game.

The game is unusual in comparison to other slots. There is no bonus feature and there is a total of just four symbols in the game. This slot has no wild symbol either, so this is as straightforward a game as you’ll find anywhere! With red sevens and bars on the reels, this MicroGaming design will certainly appeal to fans of classic slots.

The Chief’s Law: How Chief’s Magic Works

This Native American themed slot has just three reels. The single win line in the game is across the middle of these reels. To land a win you’ll need to land three matching symbols on the win line.

Before you hit spin for the first time you’ll need to do two things. First, you’ll set your coin value using the plus and minus buttons on the control panel below the reels. The minimum bet size is just 75c and this ranges all the way up to $15. You’ll also choose the number of coins you’ll use for each spin. You’ll choose between 1, 2 and 3 coins. Playing for all 3 coins is certainly recommended – you will find an explanation why below.

Line Prizes

The chief himself is the highest paying symbol. Land three in a row and you’ll win 150 and 300 coins when playing for 1 or 2 coins respectively. You might therefore assume that playing for 3 coins would pay 450 coins. However, this isn’t the case, as three chiefs pays 600 coins when playing for the maximum 3. This means that the return to player percentage is more in your favour when playing 3 coins.

Next on the pay table is the logo symbol. Land these three times in a row and you’ll win 150 coins (all pay outs from here on in will assume you are playing 3 coins). The classic red sevens are the next highest paying symbols and landing these will give you a 75-coin win.

The final symbols on the reels are the good old-fashioned bars. As is usual, you’ll find triple, double and single bars. Land three triple bars and you’ll win 30 coins and three double bars will pay 15 coins. The single bars are the lowest paying at 9 coins. Land a combination of three different bar symbols and you’ll pick up a bonus win of 6 coins.

Wild-less, Scatter-less and Featureless!

It’s very unusual to find a slot without any feature at all. There is no scatter symbol and no bonus features at all in the game. While there are many such games, especially when it comes to three-reel slots, the lack of a wild symbol really sets this game apart. While some might find this disappointing, others will enjoy the simplicity of the game. This is exactly how the early slots played, so it’s a nice nod to the past.

Around the Campfire – Chief’s Magic Design

One of the best aspects of this simple slot is that all the information you’ll need is right there in front of you on the screen. The reels are to the top left. The pay table is to the right. And the controls are found at the bottom. There is even room for some scenery too, as the native American chief strides through the scene, with mountains in the background.

The reels have a classic feel. The background to the reels is white and you can see the curvature – this plays like a traditional one-armed bandit. The addition of the red sevens and the bars only add to this traditional feel.

Magical or Mundane? – Chief’s Magic Summary

Chief’s Magic is certainly very different to other slots you’ll find online today. In fact, you could say it’s completely unique in its simplicity. While many players will find this too bland, there is certainly a place for the game. This plays quickly and you have no distractions at all. And let’s face it, we all play slots with the aim of winning money. With a top prize of 600 coins up for grabs, this is always welcome. And this top prize is easier to come by than most, as there are so few symbols on the reels.

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