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City of Gold is a three-reel slot designed by MicroGaming. This game has an Aztec theme, with a golden Aztec temple the outstanding feature of the design. On the reels, you’ll find a golden bowl full of gems alongside many traditional slot symbols, such as melons, bars and sevens.

This straightforward slot isn’t high on features, though the win amounts can quickly add up. This is aided by the wild symbol which will add some impressive multipliers into the mix, while also offering the largest pay out of the game. You’ll grow to like that bowl of gems!

Seeking Eldorado: How City of Gold Works

This Aztec themed slot is one of the most straightforward you’ll find online. The game has three reels and to win you’ll simply need to land three symbols on a row on the single win line. This is not as easy as you might think at first. This is because on a number of spins you’ll draw a blank on one or more reels. This happens when symbols land above and below the win line, not actually on it. This might sound annoying, but making the wins more elusive simply makes for larger pay outs when you do win.

Before your first spin you’ll select both your coin value and the coin amount (all pay outs listed below are based on playing for 2 coins).

Aside from the wild symbol, the highest win in the game comes when you land the red sevens three times in a row. These sevens will give you a win amount of 200 coins. Next on the pay table are the bar singles and as usual they come in triple, double and single symbols. The triple bars have the biggest win amount, with 100 coins coming your way for the three. The double and single bars then pay 50 and 20 coins respectively. As an extra bonus, you’ll also win 6 coins if you manage to land a combination of the bar symbols.

The final symbol in the game is a melon. Unlike your traditional melon symbol on a fruit machine, this one has been cut into slices. Land three melons and you’ll win 40 coins. If you land just two melons on the win line you’ll win 10 coins. Land just a single melon and you’ll win 4 coins.

City of Gold – Aztecs Wild High Paying Symbols

The golden bowl full of gems is the wild symbol in the game. This will substitute for any other symbol, making those wins with other symbols that much easier to achieve. You’ll find multipliers in place with this wild too. Land a win which includes a single wild and the win amount will be doubled. If you land a win which uses two wild symbols, the win amount will be multiplied by four.

This wild is also the highest paying symbol in the game – and it’s not even close. Land the wild three times in a row on the single win line and you’ll be looking at a 1,600-coin win.

City of Gold Temple Design

The Aztec temple is the single most eye-catching feature of the design. This is found below the reels and rays of light emanate from the temple into the golden sky. The entrance to the temple shows the title of the game, while a black panther sits in front of the temple guarding it. With plants and trees either side of the temple, the scene is an enticing one.

The design of the slot is very effective. All the information you need is right there on the screen in front of you. You have the reels to the top left (above the temple) and the pay table to the right. The mix of symbols is ideal. There is the wild alongside those classic slots symbols, with the bars being given a golden makeover to fit the theme. The accompanying sound is the usual clicking and whirring of the reels, while a general casino sound plays in the background throughout.

City of Gold Slot Verdict

While not all slot enthusiasts will be enthralled by a three-reel slot, this game will appeal to many. There is a real simplicity about the game which makes the game play both easy to follow and fast. The wild symbol is the key to the game, as it offers up the chance of enhanced wins with other symbols as well as that impressive big win by itself. If you enjoy Aztec themed slots, try the Big Kahuna or updated Big Kahuna: Snakes and Ladders slots too.

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