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If you play enough of the 3-reel slots in the MicroGaming range, you’ll start to see some patterns emerging. One of these is the screen layout. The reels sit top left of your screen, while the logo is below them. In this case you’ll find a smiling rolled up dollar bill (the Cool Buck himself) grinning at you from the screen.

Dollar signs play an important role in this slot. These are the top paying symbol, and if you play all 5 win-lines, they can give you a huge prize. They are also wilds, which helps create extra wins with the bars, sevens and cherries.

Before You Insert Your Cash: Cool Buck Slot Setup

In theory, you have a choice of between 1 and 5 win-lines. In practice, spinning any less than the full 5 means that you are handing money to the casino unnecessarily. What you should do instead is adjust your coin size so that 5 coins matches your bankroll. Bets start from just 25c, or $1.25c for the full 5 lines per spin. You can change the number of lines by hitting the ‘bet one’ button. This increases the coins up to 5, then the next click takes it back to 1 again. There is a ‘bet max’ button which defaults to 5 lines / coins and spins the reel.

The reason for 5 coins being so important is the way the prizes are structured. In particular the golden dollar sign prizes. If you play only 1 line, you’ll win a welcome 1000 coins for 3 of these symbols. This goes up incrementally for 2, 3 and 4 lines (2000, 3000 and 4000 coins). When you add the 5th coin, the top prize jumps. This is now 6000 coins. This makes a big difference to the ‘RTP’ (return to player) percentage of the game.

Dollar Signs are Wild

Wild symbols replace other symbols to help complete wins. In Cool Buck, the wild is the top paying golden dollar symbol. This can replace more than one symbol per spin. For example, if you hit a dollar sign in the middle of reel 2, it can potentially create wins with the diagonals as well as the horizontal line 1. There are no multipliers for creating wins with the wild this time.

Regular Prizes

Blue 7’s are the next highest paying symbols. These are worth a high 300 coins for 3. The traditional 3, 2 and 1 bar symbols follow. 3 of the 3 bars are worth 100 coins, 3 of the 2 bars 50 and 3 single bars 20 coins. If you get any 3 mixed bars – you’ll get a consolation prize of 4 coins. If you are playing multiple win-lines, you’ll find more than one bar win per spin is reasonably common.

Cherries are the final symbols in play. These pay 10 coins for 3, 2 coins for 2 anywhere in view, and one coin for just 1.

Money Character Design of the Cool Buck Slot

There is a striking contrast between the very traditional design of the reels, and the modern look of the main graphic. That graphics sees a $1 bill, with eyes, hands and a big white smile. It is wearing red shoes with white toes and has a pile of silver coins scatters at its feet. The wording of the game title is designed to look like light is shining from it.

Switching to the reels, these could not be more different. Like all MicroGaming’s 3-reel slots, they are created to look curved. Symbols are blocky and plain. Not bad in any way, just plain old familiar symbols! There are red lines which flash when you win on one of the 5 win-lines. The pay table, which is to the right of the reels and logo, will also flash – indicating which prizes you won.

Sounds are electronic beeps and bleeps – which come together in some crazy flurry when you spin. There are also sounds emulating the mechanical whirrs of the reels.

How Does a Pile of Cool Bucks Appeal to You?

If you enjoy traditional slots, then this is as good as anything in the MicroGaming range. The big appeal is that top line prize – 6000 coins for 3 golden dollars on line 5. There are also wild symbols in play. These help to increase the frequency of the smaller and more regular wins. A bright design, with a quirky rolled up dollar bill smiling at you, gives this game an overall bright and entertaining feel.

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