Cosmic Cat Review

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3 Reel slots come with many quirky themes – though this is the first one I have played with a space-faring cat as the main character. It is joined on the reels by a mouse in a space suit. While you spin, you’ll hear some sci-fi sound effects. These continue for different sizes of wins. Stars twinkle and an entire galaxy rotates on the screen while you play.

Like most traditional slots, the main emphasis is on the line wins, and not break out features. The Cosmic Cat itself is wild, and will replace any of the other symbols to create more wins. There are also some smaller consolation type prizes for just 1 or 2 felines on the reels.

3-2-1 Lift Off! How the Cosmic Cat Slot Operates

There is only a single win-line crossing the 3 reels of Cosmic Cat, it goes right across the middle. You can choose to spin one or two coins each time. Those coins are from 25c and up from there. In many MicroGaming 3-reel slots, you are incentivised to choose the highest coin amount. This works by increasing the top prize for the maximum number of coins. On the Cosmic Cat slot, this is not the case, the prizes are proportionally equal for 1 or 2 coins.

You will find a ‘bet max’ button, this is a second spin button that simply defaults to 2 coins. As usual for 3-reel slots, you will not always see a symbol on the win-line. This is made up for with some bigger line prizes those times the symbols do line up.

Wild Cats

The head of the cat is the highest paying symbol. He has a logo on his forehead, as if he was a superhero – along with ears sticking out from his space helmet. If you are playing 2 coins, you’ll get 1000 coins for hitting 3 of these symbols on the win-line. The cat also has prizes for just 1 or 2 on the win-line. You’ll get 4 coins for 1 and 10 coins for 2.

Cat symbols will also substitute for the others (bars or mice) to create wins. This can be any combination of 2 matching symbols and 1 cat, or 2 cats with 1 other symbol.

Mice and Bar Prizes

Regular winning combinations are completed by the space mice and 3 different bar symbols. Mice are worth 200 coins for 3 (again assuming 2 coins per spin). Bars are in the usual 3, 2 and 1 format. 3 of the 3 bars gets you 100 coins, 3 doubles 40 and 3 singles 20. If you mix any 3 bars (the most common winning combo), then you will get a consolation prize of 10 coins.

Moving Space Design

There are some nice touches in the design of this slot. The best is a spinning galaxy, which can be seen right below the reels next to the head of the mouse. This looks like a spiral galaxy seen from afar. There are also twinkling stars to the right of the Cosmic Cat.

MicroGaming have the same layout for most of their 3-reel slots. This puts the reels in the top left corner, the pay table to the right and the main slot graphic bottom left.

The reels do not look traditional. You see a curved barrel, though not as if you are looking through glass – this is floating in space.

Graphics are dominated by a giant smiling cosmic cat. He is in a space suit, and has a green gloved paw pointed forward, as if flying like Superman. His other arm pokes through the ‘o’ of the word cosmic cat – which is in a fluorescent blue. The mouse can be seen right above the ‘c’, he might well be running from the cat!

Sounds complete the entertaining design. These are sci-fi and retro at the same time. When you win you will hear new sounds, which could well be a laser gun being fired.

Will the Cosmic Cat Save the World?

Compared to most 3-reel slots, the design of this game is fresh and fun. MicroGaming have kept the traditional slot gaming in place – with a focus on the line wins. Having the Cosmic Cat symbols as wilds will help to hit some additional line wins. If you like your 3-reel slot gaming with a sci-fi twist, check out the Cosmic Cat slot soon!

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