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If there is one thing MicroGaming excel at (other than creating world class slots), it is creating pun-filled slots based on common sayings. Couch Potato sees and actual potato sitting on a couch as the main graphic. The ‘bar’ symbols in play are chocolate bars – complete with a bite from the corner of each!

You may well jump off the couch if your wins include 2 of the couch potato symbols. This will give you a multiplier of 25x the regular prize. Even single spuds have a big effect on your wins. You’ll find that this makes the biggest ‘wild’ as big as the top prize in many rival games. This is unusual for a 3-reel online slot game.

TV Dinners: How the Couch Potato Slot Works

This is a very standard 3-reel slot setup. The layout of the screen is the same as most of the 3-reel games in the MicroGaming range – though the branding / graphics is very different. There is only a single win-line, which crosses the middle of 3 curved reels. Symbols will not always hit this line. This enabled the prizes to be bigger those times you do land 3 of a kind.

Before you spin there are two choices. First, you need to decide on the size of your coins. The minimum is 25c and the maximum around $10 (this will depend on the casino). You then decide how many coins to play. From the perspective of getting the best returns, you should always choose 3 coins. The top prize for the 3 potatoes is bigger by 5000 coins than the (proportional) prizes for 1 or 2 coins.

Regular Line Prizes

Keep in mind that the prizes below can be multiplied with wild symbols – these are explained below.

3 couch potatoes will trigger the single biggest pay-out. If you bet 1 or 2 coins, you’ll get 2000 and 5000 coins respectively. If you bet the 3rd coin, this prize is worth 15000 coins – way more than the others. This makes betting 3 coins a ‘no brainer’, and I recommend that you lower your coin size to make sure that you are able to do this.

The next biggest prizes come from the 3 different colours of 7’s. The red ones get you 180 coins for 3, blue ones (with a blue bar design on them) pay 150 coins, and the any combination of red, blue or white are worth 120.

Bar symbols have a bite taken out of each one, and are brown to look like chocolate. There are the usual 3, 2 and 1 versions. These are worth 90, 60 and 30 coins – with any bars in combination paying out 15.

Cherries complete the winning symbols. These are worth 30 coins for 3, 15 for 2 and 6 coins for just 1 on that win-line.

Wild Symbols with Big Multipliers

Symbols that substitute to create extra wins, and even those with multipliers, are not unusual. The size of the multipliers for the Couch Potato slot is way bigger than for most games.

If you complete a win with 2 regular symbols and one wild, the prize is multiplied by 5x.

If you complete a win with 1 regular symbol and 2 wilds, your win gets a 25x multiplier. This multiplier is already built in to the top prizes for 3 of the potato symbols.

There is one extra wild win. If you get 2 of any of the 7’s or the 3-bar, plus one potato, then you will win 75 coins.

Couch Potato Design

I like the way that the main graphic, which sits underneath the reels, has been created. The word ’Potato’ is in red. This makes up the couch. The word ‘Couch’ is yellow, and is a row of different shaped cushions on that couch. Next to this, sits a potato, looking tired and holding what looks like the TV remote control.

On the curved reels, the symbols are plain. The bites from the bars is the only stand out graphic, though the overall effect is colourful. You will hear ambient casino floor type noises between spins.

Should You Get Off the Couch and Enjoy This Slot?

This game stands out from many of the 3-reel titles in the MicroGaming range. The big draw is the multiplied wins, which come when you hit wild symbols combined with the classic slot symbols. With up to 25x on any win, you never know when a windfall will strike.

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