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The term ‘Cracker Jack’ is an older expression that means something is very good. In this 3-reel traditional slot from MicroGaming, the meaning has been stretched to include fire-crackers. The bright graphic that dominates the screen shows a mini-explosion. You will be hoping that an explosion of 2000 coins (the top prize) comes your way!

Cracker Jack symbols are wild in this game. They trigger win multipliers when they combine with the regular symbols. There are also fire-crackers in play. These sit alongside many very familiar traditional slot symbols, including 7’s and bars.

Light the Fuse: What to Know Before You Play Cracker Jack

This slot takes you back to the simplest format – with only a single win-line in play. This crosses the centre of 3 curved reels. You will not always see symbols hitting the win-line.

While you are free to choose one or two coins per spin, it makes no sense to play a single coin. This is because the top prize for 2 coins is proportionally much higher when you add the 2nd coin. This will make a big difference over time. 2 coins effectively reduces the house edge for this machine to the minimum possible.

Your coin sizes can be from 25c and up. You will see a ‘bet max’ button. This will spin the reels with 2 coins for your current coin size. There is an auto-play option, though you’ll need to click the word ‘expert’ beneath the reels to see the options for this.

Big Wins and Cracker Jack Wilds

The logo symbol has the biggest prize. This is the same as the big graphic on the front of this slot. It says, ‘cracker jack’ and has the red glow of an explosion behind it. When you hit 3 of these on the win line, you’ll get 2000 coins (for 1 coin per spin) or 5000 coins (for 2 coins per spin).

This is also a wild symbol. It will not only substitute for the other symbols, it will multiply any wins that you trigger with them. If you hit 2 regular winning symbols and a single wild, this doubles the prize. If you hit a single regular symbol and 2 wilds, the prize becomes 4x what is listed on the pay table. These multipliers can make a significant difference. For example, 3 of the purple 7’s would normally get you 200 coins. With 2 wilds, this prize would instantly go up to 800.

Regular Winning Combinations

After those purple 7’s mentioned above, you will find traditional slot bar symbols are in play. Triple, double and single variations are used.

If you hit 3 of the triple bars, this is worth 100 coins (assuming 2 coins per spin). 2 of the double bars is worth 60 coins and 2 singles 30. As usual in MicroGaming 3-reel slots, there is a smaller (10 coin) prize for any 3 mixed bars on the win-line.

Fire crackers pay an important role in the smaller and more regular winning combinations. If you get 3 on the win-line, this is worth 20 coins. You also get 6 coins for 2 in any position on the win-line, and 4 coins for just 1.

Bright Fireworks Design

As soon as this online slot loads, your eyes will be drawn to the impressive graphic below the reels. This says, ‘Cracker Jack’ in blue and orange, with coins flying and explosion stars behind it.

The screen layout is the same for all MicroGaming 3-reel slots. The curved reels (to look like the old mechanical slots) are to the top left, with the logo underneath. To the right is the pay table, which is split into prizes for 1 or 2 coins. You will also find some writing explaining how the wild symbols work underneath the pay table.

There are no fireworks in the sound effects. These are the same sequence of bleeps and whirrs that have been used for a generation of slot games.

Will This Slot be Cracker Jack for you?

This is a bright and smooth 3-reel slot, which has all the positive characteristics of this type of game from MicroGaming. The addition of substitute (wild) symbols keeps things a little more interesting than usual. Your wins can be multiplied by up to 4x on any spin. The top prize of 5000 coins is the main attraction – and the reason you should always spin for 2 coins instead of 1.

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