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MicroGaming have managed to cram a lot of references to the 1980’s into this slot. You’ll find a Rubik’s cube, sunglasses and some decidedly dodgy fashion. This is an older game, and that does show in the design. What MicroGaming are hoping with Crazy 80’s is that the ‘so bad its good’ music and retro graphics will appeal to those who grew up in the decade of yuppies and consumerism!

Despite the brash colours and sounds, there are no special features in this game. Wild symbols will help you create plenty of extra wins. There are also scatter prizes, where you get paid for the total number of symbols in view.

How the Crazy 80’s Slot Works

This slot is not as old as the subject matter, though it is not exactly a new slot either. Like many games in the first generation of online slots, you’ll find just 9 win-lines. These cross the regulation grid of 5 reels with 3 rows of symbols on each.

The minimum coin size is 25c. This means that if you want to spin all 9 lines (these are adjustable), then you will need to bet $2.25c each time. This is higher than for many online slot games. There is a ‘bet max’ button in addition to the swirling purple spin button. This defaults back to 9 lines, and spin the reels at the same time.

If you click the word ‘expert’ below the controls. Some additional buttons will appear. These are 10x, 5x and auto play. The 10x and 5x trigger those numbers of spins. The auto-play button brings up a configurable dialogue box for more choices.

Perms, Cubes and Shoulder Pads: Winning Symbol Combinations

A lady with a decidedly 80’s hairstyle has the biggest prize attached. If you see 5 of this blue-top and big-earring wearing character, you’ll get 5000 coins. To put this in context, the next highest prize is the mid-riff of another 80’s lady – which pays just 600 coins for 5. All the higher paying symbols have prizes from 2 of a kind and up.

After the ladies, there are collections of 1980’s items as symbols. One shows a blocky (mobile?) phone and magazines. The other shows a cassette tape, car keys, mirrored sunglasses and a Rubik’s cube. I am a little unsure of the final high paying symbol. This shows a charm bracelet, and two pots – which could be for hair or makeup.

Playing card symbols have not been redesigned for this slot. The plain bold colours do fit in well with the 1980’s theme. These symbols make up the smaller and more regular wins.

Boom Box Wilds and Pink Stiletto Scatters

Whether you call a portable cassette player a ‘boom box’ or ‘ghetto blaster’, these were certainly icons of the 1980’s. This is the wild symbol, and will substitute for any of the regular symbols to create extra wins. There are no multipliers for wild wins. This symbol can create more than one win on different win lines if you are lucky!

Pink stilettos with bright green leggings are scatter symbols. These pay out for the total number in view, and do not need to line up from the left on a win-line. If you get 5 in view after any spin, you will get 50x your total spin amount. You get 10x for 4 and 2x your bet for just 3. Scatter wins are added to line wins if applicable.

Bad Taste Design!

There were a lot of bright, clashing colours in the 1980’s – though I do not remember them being as bold as the ones in this slot! Outside the reels you’ll find pink and blue, with a checked pattern at the top. The reels are black, which helps to bring out the clashing colours of the winning symbols. The ladies with bright clothes stand out – with their outfits seeming to deliberately clash.

You will find some animations, though these are small-scale. For example, the cassette player shakes when involved in a win – with green lines representing sound coming from it.

More striking than even the brash visuals is the synth-pop soundtrack. There is a typical 1980’s tune playing all the time. When you win you’ll get the blare of brass instruments and keyboards on top.

Should You Take a Trip Back to the 1980’s?

Crazy 80’s has probably seen better days, though is still worth a spin. You’ll get two types of nostalgia. First, for the decade, which was unique in so many ways. Second, for the first generation of video slots – which were a lot less complex than today’s games. The key reason to play is the big line prizes. See how many references to the 80’s you remember!

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