Crazy Chameleons Slot Review

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Chameleons are famous for being able to change colour to blend in with their surroundings. What they are no so well known for is their surfing skills! This slot managed to address this lack of information. There are chameleons in bright surf shorts with their extra-long tongues sticking out visible on the pay table. The sun symbol, which provides some of the biggest wins – is wearing a cool pair of shades.

This MicroGaming slot is note-worthy for its lack of features. As 5-reel slot games go, this one is stripped back to the bare minimum. The only extra are wild symbols (the waves). These will help to create extra wins with any of the other symbols.

Spinning the Reels to the Sound of the Ocean: How Crazy Chameleons is Set Up

You will not find a simpler 5-reel slot setup than this. There are 3 rows of symbols on each reel, and just 5 win-lines. These are the 3 horizontals (one on each row of symbols), plus the ‘V’ and inverted ‘V’ from the top and bottom left corner. You can select any number of win-lines. If you choose just 1 this will be the middle row, right across the reels. This was the staple of (mechanical) slot gaming for many years.

The smallest coin size that you can select is 25c. This makes for $1.25c minimum spins for the full 5 lines. There is a standard ‘bet max’ button in play. This simply defaults to 5 lines at your current coin size and spin the reels in one click. Auto play options will pop up when you hit the red ‘expert’ button. This is configurable.

Lizards, Seagulls and Surfboards – The Winning Symbols

Having only 5 lines does have an advantage. When you do hit wins with the higher paying symbols, these are on the bigger side. The Crazy Chameleon itself is the single highest paying symbol. This is worth 5000 coins for 5 of a kind. With coins at 25c each, this would be a welcome windfall.

Next comes the sun, which the cold-blooded chameleons need to give them energy. 5 suns will get you 3000 coins. Note that all symbols except the 10 pay from 3 of a kind on a win-line from the left. This is followed by the seagull (2000 for 5), flowery swimming shorts (700) and two surfboards stuck upright in the sand (600).

As usual the smaller wins come from lining up playing card symbols. Aces down to 10’s are in play.

Breaker Wild Symbols

You can’t miss the wild symbols. These have a picture of a huge wave breaking, and the word wild emblazoned over the top. This symbol does not have a prize of its own – though is still very useful on the reels. What this will do is substitute for any of the other symbols to create extra wins. Wilds can even make more than one win on some spins. There are no multipliers or extra prizes for wild wins. If you get 4 wilds, these would count as the highest possible win (the chameleon at 5000 coins).

Ocean Images and Ocean Sounds

When you first see the reels, they look plain. There is no scenery around them or decorations other than the brightly coloured line markers. The backs of the reels are a light blue colour. You’ll get an idea of the sea-based theme by listening to the ambient (background) sounds. There are waves gently hitting the shore.

It is the symbols which bring out the surfing theme. The shorts in particular stand out compared to other slot symbols! There are also seagulls in flight and that cool, sunglasses-clad sun. This slot does not feature any animations. Your winning combinations will flash. There is a surf guitar riff which plays when you win – this is short and lively.

You’ll see a much better graphic of the chameleons on the pay-table. As well as the different prizes, there are two full-sized surfing chameleons, complete with bright shorts and long, sticky, tongues.

Should You Surf with the Colour Changing Lizards?

This slot would make a good transition point for players moving from traditional 3-reel slots to the 5-reel video slot games. There is nothing fancy in the game. No break out bonus games, scatter symbols or free spins. Instead your focus is on the quirky theme and the potential for bigger line wins.

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