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I’m not sure that crazy is exactly the right word to describe this 3-reel traditional slot game from MicroGaming. Things are pretty sedate on the reels, with a big emphasis on the potential for a larger line win. There is a very bright green crocodile as the main graphic – showing us a toothy smile. He does appear on the reels too. Unusually, 3 crocodiles in any position (not necessarily the single win-line) will get you a big prize.

If you like your slot gaming traditional, and want to step outside the usual themes of 7’s or bars – then the 3-reel Crazy Crocodile from MicroGaming could be the slot for you!

Snap to it: How the Crazy Crocodile Slot is Set Up

Players who are familiar with the many traditional slots in MicroGaming’s portfolio will know the setup. You get 3 reels, each curved to look like older mechanical slots. There is a single win-line which crosses the middle, where the curve of the reels is closest to you. The winning symbols will not always hit that win-line. In fact, since they do not always line up, the prizes which you can trigger when they do are all the bigger.

You will need to make two choices before you spin the reels. First is what size coin to play. Lower rollers can play for quarters (25c), while those will bigger bankrolls can go to $10 per line. You then need to choose how many coins per spin.

If you are not familiar with 3-reel slots, then you need to understand how the 3rd coin works. Casinos incentivize you to play 3 coins, by making the top prize for 3 coins bigger. This is not just bigger, it is proportionally bigger. In this case going from 1000 for 1 coin to 2500 coins for 2 coins to 4000 coins for 3 coins.

The math shows that if you choose to play fewer than 3 coins, you are giving the casino some extra house-edge over the long run. I recommend you reduce the size of your coin to the point where you are comfortable playing with 3 coins per spin. The max bet button (next to the spin button) will default to 3 coins at your current coin size.

Crazy Crocodile Wins

The green croc does stand out from the plain old slot symbols on the reels. This also stands out in terms of the amount you can win.

Hitting 3 crocodiles with 3 coins played gets you a generous 4000 coins. If you spin for 2 this is 2500 coins and just 1 coin gets you a 1000-coin prize.

The ‘crazy’ aspect comes in with the second highest prize. If you get 3 crocodile symbols in any position on the reels (fully visible, though not necessarily on the pay line), you’ll get 1000 coins (assuming you spin for 3 – as do the prizes below).

There are even more croc prizes. 1 on the win-line is worth 6 coins, and 2 will get you 15 coins.

Regular Pay-outs – 7’s and Bars

Traditional symbols may not get you the top prize, though they can still be worth hitting. To get paid you need to line up 3 on the single win-line.

Red 7’s have a top prize of 300 coins. Triple bars are worth 150 for 3, and double / single bars 60 and 30 respectively. Any combination of 3 bars on the win-line gets you 6 coins.

Retro Underwater Design

Even when this slot was new it was designed to look like an older traditional slot. Compared to the latest titles, it looks like a museum piece. The underwater theme is a blue colour, with a few bubbles. You can’t miss the crocodile, bright green, smiling with jagged teeth and holding on to the words of the slot title.

The reels are small, curved and on the top left of the screen. On the right is the pay table, which is split between 1, 2 and 3 coins.

When you spin you’ll get a familiar cacophony of bleeps. There are different winning tunes for different sized wins.

Should You Snap Up Some Wins on Crazy Crocodile?

If you are a fan of simple traditional 3-reelers, then this slot is as good a pick as any. Only the ‘scatter’ win for 3 crocodiles in view make it stand out from other similar games. The big top line win of 4000 coins is a great reason to check it out!

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