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Themes and designs for traditional 3-reel online slots are varied. There are dramatic ones, funny ones and classic ones. One thing I had not come across until I played ‘Cutesy Pie’ from MicroGaming, was a cute 3-reel slot. This game is pink, has what appears to be a baby panda waving at you on it, and uses love-hearts which say, ‘I love you!’ instead of cherries.

Game-play wise, MicroGaming have kept things simple. There is a single win-line, and no special features. Unlike many other 3-reel slots in their range – you will not find a wild or a multiplier symbol here.

Before You Spin: How to Get the Most from the Cutesy Pie Slot

Before you go ahead and hit the spin button, it is worth checking out the pay table. At the top of this you will see a single prize slanted at an angle, with a bright yellow background. This is the top prize, for 3 of the blue 7’s on the win-line.

What you should see is that this is much higher than the top prize for 1 or 2 coins. These are 500 (for 1 coin), 1000 (for 2 coins) and then 2500 for the maximum 3 coins. If they stayed in sequence, you’d expect this prize to be 1500 coins. That extra 1000 coins is significant. It reduces the casino house edge on this slot significantly – meaning you should always choose 3 coins.

The best way to do this is to use the ‘coin size’ toggle to reduce your stake to a size where you can play all 3. The smallest coin size is 25c, with the biggest a huge $25. If you click the ‘expert’ button to the left of this coin size toggle, additional options, including auto-spin will pop up.

Winning Combinations

There is only one win-line on the Cutesy Pie slot, right across the centre of the 3 reels. As usual with traditional games, you will not always land symbols on this line. I have assumed you are playing 3 coins for the prizes listed below.

Those blue 7’s are the highest paying prize by a long way. These pay more than 10x the next highest combination. If you hit 3 blue ones, you get 2500 coins, 3 of the yellow 7’s is worth 240 coins and any combination of the two types gets you 120 coins.

Bar symbols come in different pastel colours. As usual there are three types, with 3, 2 and 1 bars. The prizes are 90, 60 and 30 – with 15 coins for any combination.

Love hearts are the only unique symbol, and these pay for 1 or 2 on the win-line, as well as the full 3. If you do hit 3, this is worth 30 coins. 2 in any position gets you 15 coins, and just 1 will get you 6 coins. Note that even 1 heart is double your spin amount.

Cutesy Pie Slot Panda Design

The layout of this slot follows all the 3-reel games from MicroGaming. You will find the reels to the top left, pay table taking up the right-hand side, and the graphic under the reels.

That graphic shows a panda. Judging by the big eyes and open mouth, this is a baby one, it has spiked toes and is waving at you. This is a static picture, and does not flash or change in any way during play. The writing of the name as an angled, even futuristic font. There is also one of the pink heart symbols as part of the graphic – saying ‘I love you’.

Symbols are traditional, with slight design tweaks. The 7’s slope slightly, and the bar symbols are surrounded by pastel colours. Sounds have not been changed from the early MicroGaming slots. You will hear the sound of 100 slots together as an ambient soundtrack. This mimics what early gamblers would have heard on the casino floor. When you click spin, you’ll hear mechanical whirrs, with short and sharp sequences of beeps for your wins.

Are You Cute Enough to Play This Slot?

I can’t fault MicroGaming for thinking outside of the box for this theme. There are many words people use to describe online slots – and ‘cute’ is not usually one of them. This is pure traditional slot gaming. The only appeal is the big top prize of 2500 coins. If you like your slots, simple, traditional and pink – this could be just the game for you!

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