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When every single slot you check out seems to have a gimmick – it can be nice to find a game which is true to the original ideals of slot play. Diamond 7’s from MicroGaming is as solid and traditional as any single-line 3-reel slot could be. There is just a single design feature of note. You might have guessed this from the name! The top paying symbol is a traditional 7, which has been made to look like it is covered in pink diamonds.

Below you will find out how to get the maximum returns from the Diamond 7’s slot. I have also explained how all of the winning combinations work. Note that Novomatic also have a game with the same name, this page focused on the MicroGaming version of Diamond 7’s.

Before You Spin for the Bling: Setup of Diamond 7’s

There is no need to choose lines, add multipliers or toggle extra features on and off with this game. Instead you have a simple choice – play 1, 2 or 3 coins per spin. Coin sizes start at 25c and go up to amounts higher than some player’s entire slots bankroll!

You should always choose 3 coins to get the best long-term returns. If you check the pay table you will see that the top prize for 3 coins is 1000 coins higher than the (proportional) returns for 1 and 2 coins. If you are lucky enough to hit the 3 pink diamond 7’s – you will certainly be glad that you played the max coins. Over time this makes a big difference to the house edge. If you do play fewer than the 3-coin maximum, you are giving away money to the casino.

Next to the buttons to decide on your coin size, are two small buttons. The top one ‘expert’, will bring up some auto-play options. The ‘help’ button brings up a web browser window which explains the rules and terms of use for the Diamond 7’s slot.

What Will the Winning Combinations Bring Me?

Like many traditional slots, Diamond 7’s has a ‘top-heavy’ prize structure. The biggest prize for 3 coins per spin is 2500 for the 3 sparkling 7 symbols. If you play for 2 coins you will get 1000 for this combo, with 500 coins only for a 1-coin spin.

There is then a jump down to the next highest prize – for 3 red 7’s. These get you 240 coins (assuming 3 coins per spin for all of these prizes). A mix of 7’s is worth 120 coins.

The remaining symbols are as traditional as you’ll find. There are bar symbols in 3, 2 and 1 format. Worth 90, 60, 30 and 15 (for any 3 mixed bars on the win-line). There are also cherries, which pay from just 1 on the win line. You’ll get 6 coins for 1, 15 for 2 and 30 coins for 3.

This game has no scatters, wilds or multipliers – it is solid and traditional slot gaming from start to finish!

Design of MicroGaming’s Diamond 7’s Slot

If you have enjoyed any 3-reel slot from MicroGaming before, then you will quickly find that they have the same layout. The reels (which are designed to look curved using light effects) are on the top left of your screen. Under these is the logo / graphic and the right-hand side the screen will be dominated by the pay table. The bigger top prize for 3 coins is highlighted, to make sure you know that 3 coins is the only smart way to play!

The sparkling pink diamonds of the main slot graphic are certainly eye-catching. There are star effects where the light catches these, and a mottled pink and clear mix which enhances the jewelled feel. Above those, the dot on top of the ‘I’ in the word diamond is itself a diamond – a nice small touch.

Symbols are very traditional, with only the sparkling 7’s any different to what you’ll find on 1000’s of historical slots.

In line with the other MicroGaming 3-reel slots, you’ll hear ambient casino floor sounds between spins – then whirs and beeps for winning combos.

Should You Mine This Slot for Diamonds?

This game is aimed squarely at players who love traditional games. There are no fancy features or interruptions. If you enjoy games which are true to the original concept of slot gaming – then Diamond 7’s could well be the game for you!

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