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Compared to many of the ‘super simple’ 3-reel traditional slots in the MicroGaming range, Diamond Deal is different. While most of the game play is the same (lining up traditional symbols), there is a progressive element. You collect jewellery boxes by hitting a special symbol. When you have 4 of these, the reels disappear – and you get to play a picks game for extra coins.

Diamonds are very much part of the design – with sparkling, slightly pink gems paying the biggest prize. These symbols are also wild. This helps to create extra wins with the traditional style slot symbols.

Spin 3 Coins to Enable the Diamond Deal Bonus Feature

Most 3-reel slots give you a choice of 1, 2 or 3 coins. With Diamond Deal there are two very good reasons to choose the maximum 3 coins.

The first reason is the same as other 3-reel slots. The top prize for 1, 2 and 3 coins is 500, 1000 and then 3000 coins. If the progression was linear, that top prize should be 1500 instead. The proportionally bigger 3rd coin prize means that your long-term returns are much better with 3 coins.

Along with better returns, that 3rd coin will also enable the bonus game.

Unusually, the value of the coin for this game is fixed instead of flexible. This is a $1 per line slot. To get the best value, you’ll need to spin for $3 each time. This is high for small stakes slots fans. If you are looking for quarter slots instead, you can try Diamond 7’s or Couch Potato from MicroGaming.

Diamond Deal Winning Combinations

After the top prize of 3000 coins for 3 of the diamond symbols, there is a drop down to the next prize. This is 300 coins for 3 of the light blue 7’s. Bars come next. If you enjoy 3-reel slots then the 3, 2 and 1 bar format will not come as a surprise. 3 of the 3-bars gets you 150 coins, with 60 and 30 for the 2 and 1. A mix of any 3 bars is more frequent than three of one kind. This is worth 15 coins.

Cherries work differently to the other symbols. You get 12 coins for 3, and 6 coins for 2 of these in any position on the win line.

If you get 2 of a symbol and 1 diamond, or 2 diamonds and 1 other symbol, this is also a winner – with the diamonds replacing the regular symbols by acting as a wild.

Progressive Bonus Feature

Below the pay table is a line drawing of a diamond. This is divided into 4 sections. 3 triangles are at the base, and a longer part on top. Each time you collect a jewel box which says ‘DD’ on the pay-line of the 3rd reel, one of these sections fills in.

When all 4 sections are full, you will be offered your own ‘diamond deal’. You see a new screen, with 5 different jewel boxes on it. 3 of them look like the special symbols on the reel, while 2 are darker and flatter boxes. You simply have to click or tap on one of them.

This will reveal a prize, in coins, that is added to your bankroll. You are not shown the contents of the other boxes. The diamond picture is now empty, so you need to start collecting the segments once again.

Night Sky and Sparkling Diamonds

Overall, the layout is the same as all the 3-reel slots from MicroGaming. On the right you have a big pay table. One the left the reels are tucked into the top corner, with the main slot graphic below this.

That graphic shows an extremely sparkly diamond, with Diamond Deal written over it. Beyond this, there are pinpoints of stars – as if sparkling in the night sky. The reels are made to look curved, using glass reflection to mimic a real slot.

Should You Collect the Pieces of Diamond?

Many 3-reel slots are featureless – with the focus only on lining up 3 of the same symbol. As well as the bling-filled design, Diamond Deal does have 2 game play differences. The wild diamonds will help to create extra wins. The progressive trigger for the picks round also adds some depth to the game. Check out Diamond Deal for yourself soon.

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