Dino Might Slot Review

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MicroGaming love to use puns in the titles of their slots – and Dino Might is another fun example. This slot is not about the explosive, the theme is most definitely dinosaurs. This is older than the popular Jurassic Park slots, though there are still some great reasons to play. In addition to the dinosaurs on the reels, there are plenty of exotic looking plants – some of which look fierce!

It is unusual to find an older 5-reel online slot with no free spins game. Instead there are two picks features. One of them is a mini-game, where you choose a dinosaur from the reels. The other is a second screen bonus, where you hunt for fossils to win big prizes.

Setup of the Dino Might Slot

You get to choose how many lines to play on this slot. The default is 25, though you can choose any number using the + and – buttons below the reels. These lines cross a standard 5-reel, 3 row grid. The smallest coin size is 1c, which can be increased – as well as multiplied by up to 10x. As usual, MicroGaming helpfully provide you with a ‘bet max’ button. There is also an auto-play option.

Wild Symbols are way ahead when it comes to prizes. This is the logo of the slot, with a green word ‘Dino’ on top of a bigger ‘might’ cut from stone. As usual, this wild will replace any of the regular symbols to create wins. The exceptions are the special bonus symbols (see below). Any wins which include 1 or more wild symbols are doubled compared to the prizes listed on the pay table.

If you line up 5 wilds, you’ll get the top prize, which is 8000 coins. This is the only symbol where prizes start from 2 of a kind from the left – the others all need at least 3.

Dinosaurs are the higher paying symbols. A fierce brown one showing an open mouth full of sharp teeth is the best, worth 800 coins for the full 5. A green one with horns comes next at 400, then a long-necked dinosaur (300), one with a green horn (200) and another with spikes (120).

Exotic plants, including a Venus fly trap, make up the smaller ‘filler’ wins.

Triggersaurus and Amber Fossils Bonus Games

A green dinosaur with 2 rows of fins on its head is the ‘Triggersaurus’. This special symbol will start a mini-bonus game whenever you get 3 or more on the reels. You will see an animation, where it faces you and expands its coloured neck flaps. You then pick one of 3 animated symbols – revealing a cash prize. This can be up to 4500 coins. As with all good picks games, you are then shown the prizes for the ones you did not pick.

Amber with a fossilised bug triggers a more dramatic bonus game. This is also a scatter symbol. You can win up to 200x your total spin amount with 5 in view (prizes from just 2 anywhere on the reels).

With 3 or more, you go to a prehistoric scene. There are all sorts of dinosaurs, a mountain and exotic plants in view. This picture is divided into a grid, with lots of tiles. Under the reels you’ll see 4 different fossil types. Each has 4 gaps to fill. The top prize looks like a t-rex, going down to a trilobite, which is the smallest.

As you click on the picture, fossils are revealed. You keep clicking until you hit 4 of one type – which is the prize you win. If you pick a special tile, you can get a 2x multiplier on your win.

More Flintstones than Jurassic Park – The Design

Symbols look hand drawn and slightly cartoon-like. This is in stark contrast to the fierce creatures of Jurassic Park slots! You’ll immediately feel that this is an older slot by the style of the design. Overall it looks great – just not too modern. While the dinosaurs are all unique and detailed, my pick for the best symbol is the tangled Venus fly trap.

While you play there are ambient jungle sounds. Other effects include a roar when you hit the on-reels picks game. Animations are sparse, with that same picks game the most striking of them.

Should You Dig for Fossils with Dino Might?

As older video slots go, this one is entertaining. It is different to many slots with no free spins game. The on-reel picks are frequent enough to break up the base game, while your bigger wins will come via the second-screen bonus.

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