Dolphin Quest Slot Review

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This slot stands out visually from most other online slots. The setting is underwater, and bubbles divide the lines of the transparent reels. Around those reels, you will find colourful coral reefs. All the symbols are sea creatures. They have been drawn with a lot of detail, and become animated when involved in wins. While you spin, a gentle Caribbean calypso tune plays.

Stacked wild symbols help bring the base game to life. These can help to create a lot of extra wins, especially when you get one or more complete reels. There is a unique bonus game. This involves a new set of 3 reels, with numbers instead of symbols. Each will stop, before these numbers are converted into coins.

Diving into the Setup: How Dolphin Quest Works

There are 4 rows of symbols on each of the 5 reels. This grid has 50 win-lines crossing from the left, which are non-adjustable. You can bet from 50c, and up in 50c increments. Auto-play is offered in different permutations, or you can click the ‘custom’ button to set it up as you like it.

As with many newer MicroGaming slots, the pay table is dynamic. This will adjust to your coin size, showing you the actual amount you could win. I have used $1 per spin as a default here. Your bigger wins will come from hitting multiple lines at the same time. This more than makes up for the smaller individual wins.

There are two different dolphin symbols, which share a top prize. These are worth $8 for 5, $2 for 4 and split into $1 and 50c for 3. One shows a single dolphin, with and orange fish next to it. The other a pair of dolphins.

Some exotic creatures make up the next biggest wins. A turtle and red octopus have the same top prize of $5, while some rays and a lionfish are worth $3. Smaller line wins come from a puffer fish, sea horses, a group of green fish and a hermit crab. It is worth getting a win with each type, so that you can enjoy the animations.

Stacked Wild Symbols

Dolphin Quest logo symbols are stacked on the reels. This means that they come in long strips, potentially covering all 4 of the rows on one or more reels. If you line up 5, you’ll get the top prize of $50. As wilds, these symbols will also create wins with the other symbols. 50 win-lines gives you plenty of opportunity to do this!

Scatter Golden Dolphins and the Unique Bonus Game

Scatters only appear on reels 2, 3 and 4. They are also wild (replacing everything except the regular wild logo symbols). When you get one on each of the 3 middle reels in the same spin, you trigger the bonus game.

This takes you to a unique set of 3 reels. Instead of symbols on them, you will see numbers. Water is pouring over them in waterfall fashion. You click to stop the reels, and they come to a halt in turn. You can win up to 150,000 coins from this game if you get lucky!

After the reels stop, there is an in-between screen which adds the 3 numbers together, and then converts this into coins for your prize.

Striking Underwater Design

Graphically, Dolphin Quest certain has the ‘wow’ factor. The setting includes a lot of small details like those line-marker bubbles and shifting sunlight on the surface of the water above the reels. It is the symbols which stand out. All are detailed, they work well against the transparent reel background.

While the dolphins are most people’s pick, I love the way the hermit crab is animated. There are animations for all the symbols – really bringing the underwater scene to life.

The music is relaxing, this is a calypso tune with a prominent bass line, steel drums and a trumpet. You get different music during the bonus spins game.

Should You Splash Out on Dolphin’s Quest?

This MicroGaming title is bound to appeal. It keeps that balance that classic games have between solid game play and the shot at a big win, without crowding the game with too many features. The graphics are stunning, a real standout compared to many other online slots. If you enjoy classic gaming, and like underwater slots, then this could be a great pick!

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