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As well as being the name of the slot, Don Deal is also the name of the lead character from the game. Don Deal is a member of the mob and looks rather pleased for himself as he holds a cigar and finds himself surrounded by money.

The game itself is a relatively straightforward one in comparison to other MicroGaming slots. The game has three reels and a single win line. What really stands out however are the pay outs. You land a nice big win with the cash symbol, and this same symbol also acts as a wild with some nice multipliers in place.

Show me da Money – How Don Deal Works

This MicroGaming designed slot has three reels and a single win line which goes through the centre. Wins come along when you simply land three symbols in a row. During some spins, you’ll find blanks. This happens when symbols land above and below the win line but not on it. While this can be frustrating, the fact that wins are harder to come by means the pay outs are larger when they do hit.

Before hitting spin, you’ll choose the coin value and the number of coins. You can play for either 1 or 2 coins – the pay outs listed below will assume you are playing for the maximum 2.

Prizes for Traditional Slot Symbols

Aside from the wild, you’ll find a nice selection of traditional slot symbols on the reels. The red sevens are the highest paying of these. If you land three in a row on the win line you’ll pocket a welcome 200 coins. Next on the pay table are the bar symbols. As is usually the case, these come in triple, double and single form. Land three triple bars on the win line and you’ll win 100 coins. This pay-out is halved to 50 coins for the double bars, while the single bars pay 20 coins. A combination of any of the bar symbols will also pay a consolation prize of 6 coins.

The final standard symbol in the game is the cherry, which pays 40 coins for three in a row. As a bonus, you’ll also earn wins of 10 or 4 coins for landing two or a single cherry respectively.

Cash Crazy – Don Deal Wild Symbol

The highest paying symbol in the game is the wad of cash. Line up three of these symbols and you’ll pick up 1,600 coins, which is 8x the prize offered by any other symbol. This symbol also acts as the wild symbol and will substitute for any other in the game. If you land a win where one of these piles of cash substitutes for another symbol, the win amount is doubled. A win which uses two wilds will see the prize multiplied by 4x. For example, if you land a triple bar alongside two wilds on the win line you’ll pick up 400 coins (the standard 100-coin win x 4).

Meet the Family – Mob Themed Design

The moment you first set eyes on this game, Don Deal stands out. His figure is found beneath the reels wearing a sharp blue suit and a shiny red pendant on the front of his cravat. Holding a thick cigar, his grin is wide and he looks every bit an extra from ‘The Sopranos’. His left hand is wrapped around the green title of the slot, while banknotes and coins spew around to the right of him.

Being a three-reel slot, the pay table is a small one and can be found on the game screen (as opposed to other slots where you’ll have to enter a second screen). The controls are below the reels too, so the entire game is right there in front of you. The nice mix of classic symbols work perfectly on the white-backed reels. Each ‘classic’ symbol looks exactly as it might have done at any time in the last century. The accompanying sound track gives off the sound of a casino, but every time you land a win you are met by an entertaining trumpet jingle.

The Boss or Not?  Don Deal Slot Overview

Don Deal is a fun and entertaining slot. With just three reels and a wild symbol, you would never claim that it is big on features. What it does offer however is speedy gameplay and a simplicity not found at many online slots today. The nice mix of classic slot machine symbols will appeal to many too. With some sizable wins on offer and the additional wild multipliers, there is much to like about this mafia based game.

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