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Double Dose is a medical themed slot from MicroGaming. The central character of the game is a nurse who stands below the reels. This attractive, manga style nurse has a shock of green hair and is surrounded by red love hearts. What might put some people off her is the large syringe she holds in her right hand!

The game itself is a relatively straightforward traditional three-reel slot. Land three symbols in a row and you’ll win. The high paying wild symbol adds a nice level of excitement to the game, especially when those wild multipliers come into play.

Hospital Rules – How Double Dose Works

Being a three-reel slot, to win you’ll simply need to land three matching symbols on the single win line. This slot features curved effect reels – and you will not always hit the win line with the symbols on them. This happens when symbols land above and below the win line, but not on it. Blanks do give a slot an added advantage however, as more losing spins mean the pay outs for the winning ones are larger. As well as choosing your coin value you’ll also have to set the number of coins in play. You can choose one or two – for the purpose of this review we’ll assume you are playing for the maximum 2 when discussing pay outs.

Standard Winning Symbols

Of the standard symbols, the red sevens are the highest paying of all. Land three in a row on the win line and you’ll win 200 coins. The red sevens are certainly one of the more traditional symbols in slot gaming and are joined by two others on Double Dose. The first of these are the bars. As is usual, you’ll find triple, double and single bars in play. The triple bars are the highest paying of the three and are worth 100 coins. The double bars are worth 50 coins, while the single bars pay 20 coins. Land a combination of the three bar symbols on the win line and you’ll also pick up 6 coins.

The final ‘classic’ symbol on the reels is the red cherry. Land three cherries in a row and you’ll win 40 coins. As an added bonus, landing just two cherries pays 10 coins, while a single cherry pays 4 coins.

Cash Injection – Double Dose Wild

The most important symbol in this game is the slot logo. First, this acts as the wild symbol and will substitute for any other symbol in the game. If you land a win with any symbol that includes this wild symbol, you’ll be pleased to read that there is a 2x multiplier in place. Things get even better when you land a win which includes two wilds, as the win amount is now multiplied by four. A win which includes a red seven and two wilds will therefore bump the win amount up to 800 coins from an original 200.

This wild symbol is also the highest paying in the game and it’s not even close. Land three wilds on the single win line and you’ll pick up 1,600 coins – the only four figure win in the game.

Around the Ward – Manga Nurse Design

There is little doubt that the attractive manga-style nurse is the most eye-catching feature of this slot (even if she doesn’t appear on the reels). She holds a clipboard in one hand and a syringe in the other and winks at you from the screen. To the left of her is the title of the slot and the word ‘dose’ features a bubbly green liquid. If this is the ‘dose’ she is injecting into you, I’m not sure I’d hang around for too long!

Aside from the manga style image, the rest of the slot has a real traditional feel. The reels are white and aside from the logo symbol all the others come from classic Vegas style slots. The accompanying sound has that same timeless feel – the ambient sound of a casino, the clicking of the reels and a small jingle when you win.

Miracle Cure? – Double Dose Summary

A number of players may find 3-reel slots a little mundane in comparison to their five-reel cousins. However, there is a lot to like about this game. The nurse character gives the slot a real modern feel. This might be at odds with the classic symbols, but they work together well. The gameplay is good too. With wild multipliers in place, you can pick up a number of decent sized wins. You’re also only ever a spin away from a four figure win too.

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