Double Wammy Slot Review

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The ‘Double Wammy’ in the name of this traditional online slot comes in the form of the logo symbol which shows a pair of sparkling diamonds. These represent both the oversized wins you can achieve with this symbol, as well as the added multipliers it can add to the game. Joining this lead symbol are a series of classic slot symbols you’ll be well accustomed to.

As you’d expect from a 3-reel slot, the game play is classic slot fare. However, there is some added strategy to use to ensure the odds are in your favour. You can also land some nice bonus wins which will keep the bankroll ticking over too.

Diamonds, Sevens and Bars – How Double Wammy Works!

While some 3-reel slots still have a number of win lines, this straightforward game has just a single one across the centre of the reels.

Before hitting spin for the first time you’ll have two decisions to make. First, you’ll choose the coin value, starting at 25c, ranging all the way through to $75. Next, you’ll choose the number of coins, your choices being 1, 2 or 3. The pay outs listed below are for when playing with 3 coins. As you’ll see in the prizes for the top symbol below – the 3rd coins maximize your long-term returns.

The Regular Wins

Aside from the double wammy symbol, the red sevens are the highest paying in the game. Land three in a row and you’ll pick up 240 coins. Next on the pay table are the bars, which as is usually the case, come in triple, double and single forms. Each set of bars has a different colour here. The yellow coloured triple bars win you 120 coins for three in a row. This pay out comes down to 75 coins for the double bars and then 30 coins for the single bars. You’ll also win 15 coins if you land a combination of the three bar symbols on the win line.

The final symbol in the game is the cherry. This has a top prize of 30 coins. However, land just one or two cherries and you’ll win 6 or 15 coins respectively. Neither of these prizes will break the bank, but these wins come regularly and can make the difference between a winning and losing session.

Double Wammy Wilds 2x and 4x Multipliers

The wild symbol is represented by the ‘Double Wammy’ title. Being the wild it will substitute for any other symbol in the game. This wild has an added bonus too. Land a win with a single wild on the pay line and it will be doubled. Land a win with two wilds on the pay line and you’re by an impressive 4x multiplier.

This symbol is also the highest paying in the game, worth 2,500 coins for landing three in a row. If you play for 1 or 2 coins, the win amounts are 800 and 1600 coins respectively. Following that pattern, you’d think the pay-out for 3 coins would be 2,400 coins, but you receive a 100-coin boost when playing all 3 coins. Therefore, your strategy should certainly be to play for 3 coins. It might be a small edge, but these small edges can really count over time!

Diamonds Themed Design

This MicroGaming designed slot looks much like any traditional themed slot you might have played in the last few decades. With white backed reels and classic symbols, this has ‘classic’ written all over it. The only real difference is the colourful bar symbols, which make a nice change from the solid black these symbols usually appear in. You wouldn’t say the sound effects are anything special, but there is something special about the clicking and whirring of the reels. This will really take you back! The high speed of each spin will also appeal to many players.

Double the Wins? Double Wammy Slot Overview

If you’re a fan of traditional 3-reel slots, Double Wammy will be high on your list. This game is all about the diamond symbol. With the potential of a 2,500-coin win on every spin, the excitement is high throughout. The wild multipliers with this symbol also give the slot a nice boost. Add in the many smaller wins and the high-speed nature of the game and you have a traditional game worth checking out.

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