Fairy Ring By MicroGaming

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Fairy Ring is a fantasy themed slot from MicroGaming. The game is a straightforward with a simple three reels and the same number of win lines. A fairy is the leading character in the game. This winged sprite is sprinkled in fairy dust and leaps through a gold ring. Joining her on the reels are a butterfly, a toadstool and the traditional bar symbols found on many slots.

The highlight of the game is certainly the pay-out you can land for landing three fairies in a row. The fairy is the wild symbol too, ensuring some nice wins with other symbols.

Dance of the Fairy – How Fairy Ring Works

This MicroGaming designed slot plays out on three reels. These reels have three win-lines in total. You can choose to play one, two or three of these. The best strategy is to play all three lines – you’ll realise why when the pay outs are explained. Win line one is across the middle, line two is across the top and the final line three is across the bottom. Wins come along when you land three symbols in a row on any one of these.

The pink butterfly is the highest paying standard symbol in the game. Land three on one of the win lines and 300 coins will be heading your way. Three red toadstools are next on the pay table and this pays 150 coins when it fills the win line.

The final standard symbol is the classic bar. As usual this comes in triple, double and single form. The triple bar symbol has a red outline and is worth 80 coins. The double bar has a light blue outline and is worth 30 coins. The single bar, with an orange outline, is the lowest paying of all at 15 coins. As an added bonus, if you land a combination of the three bar symbols in a win line, 7 coins will be yours.

The Fantastic Fairy Symbol

The fairy in the ring is easily the most important symbol in the game. The first reason for this is because it acts as the wild symbol. This will now substitute for any other symbol, making those all-important wins much easier to come by.

Your biggest wins will come when you land the fairy symbol three times in a row. In a nice twist from the norm, the pay-out amount is different based upon which of the win lines you land the symbols on. Land three fairies on win line number one and you’ll win 1,500 coins. This increases to 3,000 coins when you land them on win line number two. The biggest win of 5,000 coins will head your way when the three fairies line up on line three.

When you look at the pay outs above, it is clear that you should be playing at all three win-lines. Playing just one win-line only allows you the opportunity to win the smaller 1,500 coin pay out. While playing two win-lines doesn’t give you the opportunity of winning the 5,000 coin. For the statistically minded, your return to player percentage is at its highest when playing all 3 lines too.

The Enchanted Clearing – Fairy Ring Design

The backdrop to this fantasy themed slot shows thick greenery covering much of the screen. This clears just behind the title of the slot, where a bunch of lilies and toadstool also reside. The reels are backed by an eye catching pale blue colouring, while the symbols add a nice splash of colour. The fairy is the most impressive of the symbols. The sparkles really light up the reels, especially when you land a win with this symbol and the animation kicks in. Throughout the game you’ll hear the sound of birdsong, while you’ll also hear the clicking and whirring of the reels.

One Ring to Rule Them All? Fairy Ring Slot Summary

While not as all-encompassing as their five-reel cousins, three-reel slots certainly have some appeal. These stripped back, more basic games play quicker and all the action and game rules are right there in front of you. Fairy Ring is a fine example of one of these games. What sets this game apart are the different pay outs when winning with the fairy symbol. This adds a layer of strategy to the game. Playing all three lines with less coins is the way to go, as opposed to one or two lines with more coins! This slot will appeal most to fans of the fantasy genre.

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