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Floridita Fandango might have something of a flashy name for a slot, though the gameplay is anything but. In fact, you won’t find many games that are straightforward as this one. With just three reels and a single win line, this is as simple a slot as you’ll find anywhere online. What brings this game to life therefore are the big pay outs and the fast pace of play.

On the reels you’ll find a nice mix of cocktail symbols and traditional slot symbols in the form of bars and the cherries. As well as your standard pay outs for hitting three in a row you’ll find some nice bonus wins too.

Lining Up the Cocktails: The Base Game

This MicroGaming design has three reels and a single win line across the centre. You’ll notice, having hit spin, that symbols may appear above and below the win line and not on it. When this happens you effectively have a blank on that reel. These blanks can be annoying at first, as they make wins harder to come by. To make up for this, the pay outs will be higher when they do hit.

Before your first spin you’ll choose both the coin value and the number of coins. The coin value ranges from 25c all the way through to $25 and you’ll control this using the small plus and minus buttons on the control panel. The number of coins ranges between 1 and 3.

High Paying Cocktail Symbols

The highest paying symbol in the game is an orange cocktail, complete with an umbrella and fruit. Land these three times in a row playing for 1 coin and you’ll win 500 coins. Playing with two coins sees this rise to 1,000 coins. You might therefore think that the prize for 3 coins is 1,500 coins. However, this is not the case, as the win is 2,500 coins. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you play for all 3 coins every time. All pay outs listed below will assume you are spinning 3 coins each time.

Next on the pay table is a lime based cocktail which pays out 240 coins for 3 symbols in a row. If you land a combination of the two cocktail symbols you’ll pick up a 120-coin win.

Classic Slot Symbols

Now the classic slot symbols kick in. First, there are the bars. As usual, these symbols come in triple, double and single form. Lining up three triple bars pays 90 coins. In turn, the double and single bars pay 60 and 30 coins respectively. A combination of the three bar symbols will also give you a win of 15 coins.

The final symbol on the reels is the good old cherry. Land these three times in a row and you’ll win 30 coins, matching the win for the single bars. The cherries have an added bonus however. Land any two cherries and you’ll pick up 15 coins. Even a single cherry is worth 6 coins. This final win might seem insignificant, but it does happen on a very regular basis.

Features and Wilds Free

It’s certainly unusual to come across a slot today which literally has no features. The lack of a free spins round is not unusual in a 3-reel slot and the same can be said about a second screen bonus. However, having no wild is certainly very different. This, like the blanks, makes those wins harder to hit – bringing the bonus of larger wins.

Colourful Cocktail Themed Design

Floridita Fandango is a very colourful game with a bright blue and purple background. Below the reels is the striking logo, complete with a large cocktail and multicoloured umbrella, the title in a bright yellow. The screen is set up to show all of the info you need. The white backed reels are in the top left, the pay table is to the right and you’ll control the game at the bottom of the screen. The reels themselves have a classic feel, only added to by the presence of the bars and cherries.

Worth a Tip? Floridita Fandango Slot Summary

This cocktail themed slot will appeal to fans of 3-reel slots. The gameplay is as basic as you can get. This makes for a fast playing game with little or no distractions. Forget about wilds and bonus features – you’ll know straight away if you’ve won and how much you’ve won. The nice mix of symbols is something many players will enjoy, while the colourful design only boosts the slot. This may not be for everyone, but if you like it, you’ll really like it.

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