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Flower Power is one of the most psychedelic slots you’ll find online. Set firmly in the 1960’s, you’ll find a purple coloured game with flowers everywhere. As well as the flowers, you’ll also find a peace sign and classic bar symbols with a flowery makeover. In fact, the only thing missing from the game is a flowery designed VW camper van!

The game itself is a relatively straightforward three-reel traditional slot. There are three win-lines in the game and a high paying wild symbol. Interestingly, the top prize in the game changes based upon which win line you land it on.

Swinging Sixties: How You’ll Win on Flower Power

This MicroGaming design is played out on three reels. Across these reels you have three win-lines – line 1 across the middle, line 2 across the top and line 3 across the bottom. Players can choose to play 1, 2 or 3 win-lines. The other choice is the coin value which ranges from 75c through to $15.

The title / logo symbol is the highest paying in the game and certainly the most colourful. Every single letter of the symbol is in a different colour, so you might have to wear sunglasses when looking at it. This symbol is interesting due to the fact that the pay-out amount differs based upon which line you land it on. Hit the flower power symbol on win line one and an impressive 1,500 coins are yours. Land the win on line two above and the win amount doubles to 3,000 coins. Land the three flower power symbols on line three and you’ll pick up the biggest win of all of 5,000 coins.

Looking at the pay outs for the title symbol, it is clear that the best strategy is to be playing all 3 coins, as this opens up the biggest possible wins. This also makes the odds more favourable too. It is a good idea to play all 3 win-lines with a smaller coin value, rather than one win-line with a larger coin value.

Wild Symbols

As well as being the highest paying symbol, the flower power symbol is the wild. This will therefore substitute for any other symbol in the game, making wins with other symbols easier.

The next symbol on the pay table is the peace symbol, once again multicoloured. Land these three times on one of the win lines and 300 coins are yours. A sunflower on a circular background is next on the pay table and is worth 150 coins.

The final symbols on the reels are the bars. Traditionally, these are black and white in colour, but they have been given a makeover here. Each symbol has a flower to the right of it and the lettering is in a bright shade. The triple bar is in red and offers a win amount of 80 coins. The yellow coloured double bar gives you a win of 30 coins. The single bar in blue colour gives you a win of 15 coins. As an added bonus, if you land a combination of the three bar symbols on a win line you’ll pick up 7 coins.

Woodstock Inspired Slot Design

The background to this slot is one of a purple wallpaper. All over the purple are flowers in a variety of sizes. The title of the slot is found just below the reels, where you’ll find the peace symbol within the ‘O’ of power. With so much colour on the screen, it does feel something like one of those colour blindness tests at times!

The reels have a traditional feel. These are backed in white and will take you back to the days of the one-armed bandit. With the bar symbols, there is a nod to classic slots too. The sound throughout the game is basic, but you do hear a fitting guitar strum every time you win.

Groovy baby? Flower Power Slot Overview

If you’re a child of the swinging sixties or feel that you should have been, this is the slot for you. No, it’s not the most complicated slot you’ll find online. With just three reels and a matching number of win lines, this is straightforward as you can get. The win amounts are what really sets the pulses racing. With a potential 5,000-coin win on any spin, the excitement levels are high throughout. Just make sure you land that big win on the right win line.

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