Forgotten Land of Lemuria Slot

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Like me, you may not be familiar with Lemuria, but fortunately the game itself tells us all about this lost land:

“Based upon the ancient legend of the magical land lost in the mists of time, long before Atlantis, Lemuria was the peak of civilization and spiritual riches. But without any known reason it disappeared under the sea. Now these riches can be yours as you enter the city so long ago forgotten”.

This fantasy themed slot game features a number of images from lost land on the reels including a beautiful goddess, a glass skull, glowing flowers and rune symbols. The highlight of the game is the ‘Treasure Vault’ bonus, where you move through Earth, Water and Fire rounds.

An Air of Mystery – How The Forgotten Land of Lemuria Slot Works

This MicroGaming designed slot plays out on the standard five reels. Instead of your usual pay-lines, this game utilises the all-ways winning system. This system gives you 243 ways to win in all, effectively the same as having 243 win-lines.

Rune Symbols Pay Best

The highest paying symbol shows runes surrounded by a square design featuring three small dots (possibly relating to earth, fire and water). Land this impressive symbol on all five reels and you’ll pick up an impressive 1,500 coins. Next on the pay table are a series of ancient green crystals. If you’re a fan of Superman, these look much like Kryptonite on the super hero’s home planet. These green crystals pay exactly 1,000 coins as a top prize. The glass skull and the glowing flower complete the themed standard symbols, with top wins of 750 and 500 coins respectively.

At the lower end of the pay table you’ll find the playing cards 9, 10, J, Q, K and A. The top wins for the playing cards range from 250 coins through to 50.

The wild symbol shows a large sparkling ‘L’ with the title of the slot written across it. This wild will substitute for any other symbol in the game apart from the scatter. Being an all-ways slot, the wild symbol can be more valuable than usual, as a single wild can enable a great number of wins.

Meet a Mysterious Goddess in the Treasure Vault Bonus Feature

The scatter symbol shows a close up of the face of the goddess of Lemuria. In fact, you can only see one beautiful eye of the goddess, a teaser for the full-size image you’ll see on entering the feature. You’ll win immediate scatter prizes of 25, 150 or 500 coins when landing 3, 4 or 5 scatters, as well as enter the bonus feature.

You’ll now find yourself in the ‘Water’ Treasure Vault. A full-size image of the goddess now shows on the screen complete with a green garland around her. There are 10 orbs in the garland and you’ll pick each in turn to reveal a prize or the opportunity to move onto the ‘water’ round. You’ll have the same 10 orbs in this round too, the green garland now replaced by an arc of water. The final round is the ‘fire’ round, with a ring of fire now surrounding the goddess. In this final round, you’ll still have 10 orbs to choose from, these revealing either cash prizes or an end to the feature.

Dream Like Fantasy Design

This MicroGaming designed slot presents a forgotten land with a dream-like feel. Either side of the reels you’ll find waterfalls cut into the steep rocks, while misty buildings sit on rock formations floating in the sky. The title sits above the reels in the same crystal green as the symbol, while the reels themselves have a dark blue backing. The animation in the game does a fine job of bringing this lost land to life, while also adding a further air of mystery. The soundtrack to the game is perfectly fitting too – Lemuria is certainly a land with intrigue.

Should You Take a Trip to The Forgotten Land of Lemuria?

With so many thousands of online slots in the industry today it can be difficult to find a game with an original theme. The Forgotten Land of Lemuria has achieved this. This mysterious and mythical land adds a sense of adventure to your slot experience, as you aim to find out more. With 243 ways to win at every spin, those all-important pay-outs are never far away. The three-part bonus feature is both visually stunning and profitable too – a perfect combination.

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