Fortuna Slot Review

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Fortuna is a three-reel slot from MicroGaming based around mysticism and fortune telling. Hopefully, this fortune teller will see money head your way in the future – the very near future. The reels of this game see many classic symbols make an appearance. You have cherries, bars and sevens and these appear alongside the ‘Fortuna’ gold coins.

The gold coins are the most important symbols in the game. They act as the wild, ensuring that they aid in creating wins with other symbols. They are also the highest paying symbols. Interestingly, there are five different pay outs for this symbol. Read on to find out how this works.

Cross my Palm with Silver – How Fortuna Works

This mystic themed slot plays out on three reels. Across these reels there are a total of 5 win-lines. Win lines 1, 2 and 3 are the three horizontals, starting with the centre, followed by the top and the bottom. Win line 4 is the diagonal from top left to bottom right. The final, 5th win line is the opposite diagonal from bottom left to top right.

Before you first hit spin, you’ll have two choices to make. First, you’ll set the coin value. This starts at just 25c and ranges all the way up to $20. The other choice is the number of lines. Players can choose to play any number between 1 and 5. As you read on, you’ll realise that playing all 5 is certainly the best way to go.

Aside from the wild symbol, the purple coloured sevens are the highest paying in the game. These pay 300 coins if you land three in a row on one of the win lines. Next up are the bars. As is the case at many slots, you’ll find triple, double and single bars in place, each with the familiar black and white colouring. Three triple bars are worth 100 coins, while this is halved to 50 for the double bars. This is reduced again to 20 for the single bars. As a small added bonus, land a combination of the three bars and you’ll win 4 coins. The cherry completes these traditional symbols. Hit three cherries in a row and you’ll win 10 coins. There is a small bonus of 1 or 2 coins if you land just one or two cherries on a win line too.

Gold Coin Wilds and Large Pay Outs

The final symbol in the game is the title logo. This is represented by a gold coin, which shows a temple in the centre. In front of the coin you’ll see the ‘Fortuna’ title. This symbol acts as the wild and will substitute for any other symbol. This makes wins with other symbols much more likely.

The title symbol is also by far the highest paying symbol in the game too. In a nice twist, the size of the pay-out changes based upon which line you land it on. Line 1 pays the first four-figure win of the game at 1,000 coins. This increases to 2,000, 3,000 and 4,000 when you win on lines 2, 3 and 4. However, land the win on line 5 and there is an extra boost as an impressive 6,000 coins will be yours. Obviously, to win the 6,000 coins you’ll need to be playing line 5. This is why playing all 5 lines is 100% recommended!

Mystic Fortune Teller Design

The stand out feature of the design is the image of the fortune teller beneath the reels. This lady has piercing eyes and wears a headdress complete with a gem between those eyes. The title is in a bright gold and there is a fountain beneath, which spews gold coins from the top. The pay table is in the right of the screen and the reels are in the top left. These reels have a real traditional feel. They are backed in white and appear much like they would at any slot in previous decades. The mix of ‘fruit machine’ symbols only add to this traditional feel.

Will the Fortuna Slot Bring You Luck?

If 3-reel slots are your thing, then you’ll rank Fortuna as one of the better games on the scene. The logo / title symbol is the key one in the game. This will give you the biggest wins and, as the wild, ensure many other wins come your way. Land those big wins on the right win line and you’ll have a bright future indeed. Supported by a cast of classic symbols, this slot will also appeal to traditionalists.

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