Free Spirit Wheel of Wealth Slot

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Free Spirit Wheel of Wealth might be a three-reel game, though this goes a lot further than other traditional slots. The main difference here is the addition of a second screen bonus game, where you’ll spin a wheel. The ‘free spirit’ in this game is a horse which gallops on the American plains where the game is set.

As well as the bonus feature you have a logo symbol which plays the major role. This symbol is the highest paying in the game and acts as a wild. With wild multipliers in place, you’ll want this title symbol filling the reels at all times.

Roaming Free – How Free Spirit Wheel of Wealth Works

At first glance, this MicroGaming designed slot seems like any normal 3-reel slot game. There is a single win line and to land a pay-out you’ll simply line up three matching symbols in a row. Players will first choose the coin value. Then choose whether to play each spin for 1 or 2 coins. Playing both coins will enable the second screen bonus feature, so this is certainly the recommended way to go.

The title logo symbol is one of the most important in the game. This symbol has a shield behind it – think of the shield Captain America uses and make it a little paler and you are there! If playing for 1 coin you’ll win 2,000 coins for hitting this title symbol three times in a row. Playing for 2 coins increases the win amount to 5,000 coins, which is another reason to play both coins.

Shield symbols are also wild and will substitute for any other symbol on the reels. Should you land a win with the wild, your win amount will automatically be doubled. Land a win where you find two wilds on the win line and your win amount will be multiplied by four.

The highest paying standard symbol is the pale blue seven, with a win amount of 200 coins. The triple, double and single bars come next and these pay 100, 60 and 30 coins respectively. As is usually the case, a combination of these symbols will also pay out – this time 10 coins.

The final standard symbol is the profile of a horse’s head. Land these 3 times in a row and you’ll win 20 coins. As a bonus prize, you’ll also win 6 coins if it appears twice, or 4 coins if it appears once on the reels. These small prizes might seem insignificant, but they happen regularly and can make a difference. A single horse on the reels effectively pays for that spin and gives you a free spin too.

Spin the Wheel of Wealth – Bonus Feature

On reel 3 you’ll see the ‘Wheel of Wealth’ symbol make an appearance. If you are playing for both coins, you’ll enter the bonus feature when this lands on the win line on reel 3. You’ll now be taken to a second screen showing a large ‘wheel of fortune’ style game. You’ll simply hit spin and win the prize where the wheel stops. The prizes start at just 20 coins but the segments go all the way up to 1,000 coins. This is an exciting bonus game, which particularly stands out at a 3-reel slot.

The Lay of the Land – Free Spirit Wheel of Wealth Design

The most striking feature of the design is the title found beneath the reels. Here you’ll find seven horses all galloping away from the title in different directions, really bringing to life the ‘free spirit’ name. Behind this scene you’ll the rocks and mountains of the American plains, these in eye-catching shades of brown and red.

The white backed reels above also have a tinge of red, keeping the colour low key throughout. The only standout symbol is the very colourful wheel of wealth symbol therefore, although you won’t be disappointed to see it. The accompanying sound is impressive for a 3-reel slot too, as wins are greeted with the neighing of horses.

Will the Wheel of Wealth Slot Free Your Spirit?

Fans of 3-reel slots will certainly enjoy this MicroGaming designed title. The game is all about roaming free and this sits well with the wider scope of this slot. It’s certainly unusual to find a second screen bonus game at a reel online slot and this is what sets this apart. The wheel of fortune style game isn’t an original idea but it is certainly exciting. Throw in the big prizes and the wild multipliers for the title symbol and you have a winner.

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