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Froot Loot is a 3-reel slot designed by MicroGaming. As you might have worked out from the title, this game is all about a variety of different fruit. You have individual fruits, fruits in a basket and fruits flying everywhere beneath the reels. What you really want however, is matching fruits in a line of 3, which can result in some big prizes.

This game is slightly unusual as it features no wild symbol. This makes Froot Loot even more straightforward. What the game does offer is a very large top prize. You just have to make sure you are playing Froot Loop the right way to take advantage of the big win.

Feeling Fruity – How Froot Loot Works

The basic premise of this game is a very simple one. Land three symbols in a row on the single win line and you’ll pick up a prize.

Before your first spin you’ll have a couple of choices to make. First, you’ll have to pick a suitable coin value for your bankroll. Secondly, you’ll choose the number of coins. You can play between 1 and 3 coins. Playing all 3 coins is certainly the recommended option – read on to find out why.

The highest paying symbol of all in the game is the basket of fruit. This contains every fruit that appears in the game, so it looks like someone is something of a poacher. If you are playing for 1 coin, you’ll win 1,000 coins. This prize is doubled to 2,000 coins when playing for 2 coins. However, when playing all 3 coins, the win amount rises sharply to 5,000 coins. This oversized win amount for playing the maximum 3 coins makes this the way to go. The odds are more in your favour, so you should aim to play 3 coins every time.

You are better off lowering the coin value and playing 3 coins than playing just 1 coin with a higher coin value. All further pay outs listed below will assume you are indeed playing all 3 coins. As a bonus, should you land just two fruit baskets on the win line, you’ll win 150 coins. A single fruit basket will pay you 15 coins.

Smaller Line Prizes

Your next biggest win in the game comes when you hit three triple bars. This pays 450 coins. Lining up three double bars then pays 270 coins. Three single bars complete these pay outs and are worth 120 coins. There are no wins when landing a combination of bars, which is certainly unusual.

A series of individual fruits come next. You have a sliced melon which pays 90 coins, followed by a pair of plums with a win amount of 60 coins. Oranges and lemons are next with pay-outs of 45 and 30 coins respectively.

The final symbol on the reels is the cherry. Land three cherries on the reels and you’ll win 12 coins. Land just a couple of cherries and you’ll also pick up a win of 9 coins.

Orchard Design with River

The backdrop to the game shows a green meadow with a river running through the middle of it. A white picket fence also features in the scene, while various fruit trees also appear. In front of the scene you see a succession of fruit flying through the air. If you’ve ever played the popular ‘Fruit Ninja’ game, this scene will be familiar. In between all this action you’ll find the title. This features a different colour for every letter, really making this title stand out.

Above the title are the reels. These are about as traditional as you’ll find online. With a white curved backing, these will remind you of any one-armed bandit from the past. The addition of all the fruit symbols only adds to the classic feel.

The overall design of this 3-reel slot is ideal, as the game, the control panel and the pay table are all right there on the screen.

Is the Froot Loop Slot a Healthy Alternative?

In terms of gameplay, you won’t find any slots online which are more basic than 3-reel slots. This game however, is even more straightforward than many in the 3-reel genre. You have no wild symbol, which is certainly unusual, so what you see is what you get. What you do have are some very good pay out amounts. Ensure you are playing for all 3 coins and you could have 5,000 coins rushing their way into your bank balance within a matter of seconds.

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