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You might have to go and grab a coat whatever time of year you are playing this game – as it might just be the coldest slot you’ll find online. You have Jack Frost on the reels, snow and ice are everywhere and the colour scheme is a striking blue and white. Even clicking a mouse might freeze your fingers, so gloves are recommended!

The game itself is something of a straightforward one. You have three reels and just a single win line. Line up three matching symbols on one of those win lines and you’ll win – simple. Thrown into the mix are a wild symbol which adds some nice multipliers and a very large four figure top prize.

Winter Wonderland – How the Frost Bite Slot Works

With three reels and a single win line, this game is one of the least complicated games you’ll find online. Players simply have to choose their coin value and whether to play for 1 or 2 coins and they are ready to go.

Like traditional casino slots, this game is made more interesting by the addition of blanks. These blanks occur when symbols appear both above and below the win line without landing on it. The blanks therefore make wins tougher to come by, which has the benefit of allowing higher pay-outs.

Standard Winning Symbols Headed Up by Jack Frost

The highest paying standard symbol is Jack Frost. This ice-cold figure looks like a cross between a demon and a Cheshire Cat, while also wearing a Jester’s hat. Jack Frost, like every other symbol, is blue and white in colour. Land Jack three times in a row and you’ll win 160.

Next on the pay table are the bar symbols. As usual, there are triple, double and single bars. Land three triple bars and 80 coins will be heading your way. The pay-out comes down to 50 coins for three double bars, while the single bars have a top prize of 20 coins. Land a combination of these bar symbols and you’ll win a consolation prize of 10 coins.

The snow-flakes are the final standard symbols, replacing cherries, which are usually in this role. Land three of these symbols in a row and they pay 20 symbols. You’ll also receive two bonus wins with the snow-flakes. Land two on the win line and you’ll snag a 10-coin win. Land a single snow-flake on the win line and 4 coins are yours. These 4-coin wins come along on a regular basis, effectively giving you a free spin.

Big Prize Wild Winter Symbols

The title logo symbol might just be the most important in the game. This is the highest paying symbol of all – three in a row pays out an impressive 1,600 coins. This is the only four-figure win in the game, and this might even make you forget about the cold.

The Frost Bite symbol is also the wild. As the wild it will substitute for any other symbol, making wins with other symbols easier to achieve. If you land a win using a single wild, you’ll benefit to the tune of a 2x multiplier. Landing a win with two wild symbols sees this increase to a 4x multiplier. So, for example, if you land a double bar symbol on the win line alongside two wilds, you’ll win 200 coins, as opposed to the 50 coins before the multiplier is applied.

At the Poles – Frost Bite Design

Have I mentioned already that this slot is all about the cold? Below the icy reels you’ll see the title of the slot, the words framed by snow and ice. Also in the scene is Jack Frost again, looking completely delighted on inflicting this low temperature on everyone. The addition of an icy wind howling around the game only makes it colder. You do hear a nice jingle when you gain a win, but then you hear the crunch of a boot on ice, and it’s back to the cold!

The reels have a traditional feel with the white backing, although there is nothing traditional about the strictly blue and white symbols.

Big Potential or Frozen Reels?

There are many three-reel slots online, though you won’t find any as distinctive looking as this one. You’ll be shivering and reaching for that scarf immediately, even before you hit spin for the first time. The game play itself is nothing different, but you do have two high points. The wild multipliers are the first, while the large win for the title symbol is second. Overall, this is a memorable 3-reel slot, so on that basis alone, it is worth a spin or two.

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